Just like with the Psychographics and Donut Ruling, the Runner cannot use Eureka! to install an Angel Arena with 10 power counters on it by spending 0Credit. As an install cost, the amount of credits actually paid is what determines the value of X.


If a Runner uses Eureka! and reveals Angel Arena, can they set X to 10 and then use Eureka!'s effect to install Angel Arena with 10 power counters, without spending any credits?


Tybb-sly If you use Eureka! on Angel Arena, then the X value the Corporation chooses to pay is lowered by 10, so if you choose to pay 10 credits you actually pay 0 credits. The card sees that you payed zero credits, because X was lowered from 10 to 0, and you get 0 power counters.


Posted to BoardGameGeek by Andrew Keddie on December 22, 2014

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