This is the page on the Runner effect of exposing a Corporation card. See Exposé if you are looking for the card.

Exposing is the act of the Corporation temporarily turning one of its facedown cards faceup for both players to see. Once both players have seen the exposed card, it is returned to its previous state. Exposing cards is distinct from revealing, looking at, and accessing cards.

Page 22, Column 1, Paragraph(s) 2, Core Rule Book
Some effects expose one or more cards. Generally, only unrezzed installed cards can be exposed, unless an ability specifies otherwise. An exposed card is revealed to all players, and then returned to its previous state. If multiple cards are exposed by one effect, they are considered to be exposed simultaneously.
Page 30, Column 3, Paragraph(s) 6, Core Rule Book
Expose: The act of revealing a card to all players. Only the unrezzed installed cards can be exposed unless otherwise noted. An exposed card returns to its previous state after being exposed.
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