This ruling was made official in the FAQ. See Clarifications for Subliminal Messaging.

The Corporation may return a facedown Subliminal Messaging from Archives to HQ. When doing so, the Corporation should reveal the card to the Runner.


My question is in regards to Subliminal Messaging, and the text I have a question for is, "If the Runner did not make a run during his or her last turn, you may add Subliminal Messaging to HQ from Archives when your turn begins."

In the event that Subliminal Messaging ends up in Archives face-down (for instance, trashed from the top of R&D by Noise installing a virus), may the Corp still add it to HQ when their turn begins if the Runner did not make a run during his/her last turn?

If so, and I cannot imagine why not, since it is face-down should the Corp reveal Subliminal Messaging to the Runner when he/she does this?


Tybb-sly The Corp can return facedown Subliminal Messagings to HQ, and should go ahead and show the Runner the ability that he is activating on the card.


Posted to Board Game Geek by Matt Dawkins on March 3, 2014

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