To Fast Advance is to install, advance and score an Agenda in a single Corp turn.

Corporation decks designed to win by repeatedly doing this are known as Fast Advance decks.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Fast Advancing is significant as it allows the Corporation to score an agenda without needing to have the agenda installed in a remote server during a runner turn. The Corporation therefore does not need to have a Remote Server strong enough to keep the runner from accessing the agenda, or to bluff that the agenda is an uninteresting asset or a dangerous Ambush.

The crucial limiting factor that prevents a Corp from Fast Advancing all their agendas is that they only have 3 clicks to spend per turn. In order to score an agenda they will need to spend one click installing it, then another click for each advancement up to the Agenda's Advancement Requirement, before finally they can score it (at no click cost).

Fast-Advance Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Fast Advancing happens in a few different ways, depending on the agenda:

  • 2 advancement requirement agendas such as Breaking News or Hostile Takeover can be scored any Corp turn that the Corp has 2 credits spare by spending all 3 clicks. There are very few of these Agendas, and they are only worth a single Agenda Point.
  • 3 advancement requirement agendas such as AstroScript Pilot Program or Accelerated Beta Test are one click short of being scored in a single turn. They are usually Fast Advanced with the assistance of:
    • SanSan City Grid which lowers the advancement cost of an Agenda by one,
    • Biotic Labor which gives the Corp (effectively) a 4th click for the current turn,
    • or by spending the agenda token on an AstroScript Pilot Program to place an advancement token without spending a click.
  • 4 or more advancement agendas are occasionally Fast Advanced via a combination of techniques above, or other advanced techniques like combining a scored Efficiency Committee with multiple Shipment from Sansans, but this is rare.

Counter-strategy[edit | edit source]

Since the Corp never needs to install an agenda in a remote server, in order to win the runner cannot rely on having a dominant Board Position and Remote Control to win.

Typically, the runner must attempt to steal agendas from HQ or R&D, usually with the help of multi-access cards like The Maker's Eye or HQ Interface.

Alternatively, the runner can attempt to prevent the Corp from Fast Advancing by:

  • denying the Corporation the credits required using cards like Account Siphon, Vamp, or Lamprey.
  • trashing required cards like SanSan City Grid or Biotic Labor
  • increasing the advancement requirement of agendas, using cards like Chakana or The Source
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