This is the sixth in a series of unofficial FAQs released with each new data pack. Below are rulings from Damon Stone, the head designer, regarding some of the cards in Fear the Masses.

EMP DeviceEdit

This ruling is a reversal of the original ruling provided in the Business First UFAQ.

1. After the Runner uses EMP Device, the Corp rezzes Howler. Can Howler’s subroutine still install a bioroid behind itself? Is the Howler still trashed?

Ilogos Howler installs the ice but does not rez it. Howler is not trashed, as it says “if you do” install and rez the ice.

Fear the MassesEdit

2. When does the Runner reveal extra copies of Fear the Masses to force the Corp to trash additional cards?

Ilogos The Runner reveals the other copies during the Access cards step (4.5), before any cards have been trashed from Fear the Masses’ effect.


3. Does Reina Roja’s ability allow a newly rezzed piece of ice with a printed rez cost of 4 to be broken by Aghora?

Ilogos No. Reina’s ability only lasts for the duration in which the Corp is paying to rez the ice.

The Black FileEdit

4. If both players have at least 7 agenda points while The Black File is installed, does the game end in a tie or the Runner winning?

Ilogos The Runner wins and the Corp loses.

5. If a tournament game ends due to time while The Black File is installed and the Corp has at least 7 agenda points, what happens?

Ilogos The Corp receives a timed win.

The Price of FreedomEdit

6. Can the Corp still place advancement counters on cards through card abilities while suffering the effects of The Price of Freedom?

Ilogos Yes, only the action of advancing cards is forbidden.


7. If Ankusa breaks all the subroutines on Paper Wall, what happens?

Ilogos If it is the Runner's turn, then Paper Wall is returned to HQ and is not trashed. If it is the Corp's turn, then Paper Wall is trashed and is not returned to HQ.

8. If Ankusa breaks all subroutines on a piece of ice during a Knifed run, what happens?

Ilogos The Runner chooses either for Ankusa to add the barrier to HQ or for Knifed to trash it. However, Knifed will not trash any further barrier whose subroutines are all broken regardless of the choice.


9. If a Parasite hosted on a Bastion has 3 virus counters on it when Magnet is rezzed, does Magnet get trashed as soon as the Parasite is moved to it?

Ilogos No. The blanking of Parasite's text box takes the higher precedence.

10. If a Magnet hosting a Parasite with 3 virus counters is derezzed, does the Magnet get trashed by the Parasite as soon as it is rezzed again?

Ilogos No. The blanking of Parasite's text box takes the higher precedence.

11. Can the Runner host a Caïssa program on a Magnet that is already hosting another Caïssa program?

Ilogos No. Subtypes are not part of the text box and are not blanked by Magnet. All the Caïssa programs require themselves to move to ice not already hosting Caïssa, so the Runner cannot move them to Magnet if one is already hosted.

Voter IntimidationEdit

12. The Runner has a copy of Fan Site in their score area. Can the Corp play Voter Intimidation?

Ilogos Yes. Cards that move to a zone as agendas are considered to be agendas for all purposes.

Harishchandra Ent.Edit

13. If a tagged Runner is damaged while playing against Harishchandra Ent., how is the damage resolved?

Ilogos Damage is still random. In practice, the Runner should hide and shuffle their grip, suffer damage as normal, then reveal their grip again.

Navi Mumbai City GridEdit

14. Does Navi Mumbai City Grid prohibit the Runner from using conditional abilities with costs, such as the subroutine breaking of e3 Feedback Implants or the derez of Councilman? What about the Click to break ability provided on many bioroid pieces of ice?

Ilogos No, the Runner can still use those abilities. Even though those abilities involve paying a cost, paid abilities are always specifically written in the form “cost: effect”. Only those abilities are prohibited.

Zealous JudgeEdit

15. Can the Corp use Worlds Plaza to install Zealous Judge if the runner is not tagged?

Ilogos No. Worlds Plaza uses the phrase “if able”, which applies to the entire effect of installing and rezzing a card. Since Zealous Judge cannot be rezzed in this circumstance, Worlds Plaza’s ability cannot be used to install it.

16. The Corp scores License Acquisition and the Runner is not tagged. Can the Corp install Zealous Judge with Licence Acquisition’s ability?

Ilogos Yes, but the Zealous Judge is not rezzed.

Election DayEdit

17. What does the parenthetical "(minimum of 1)" mean on Election Day?

Ilogos The text “(minimum of 1)” prohibits the Corp from playing Election Day unless at least one card is trashed by its effect.


18. Can the Corp spend credits gained from the first operation played with Subcontract to pay for the second operation?

Ilogos Yes. The entire process of paying for the first operation’s cost and resolving its effects is carried out before playing the second operation.

19. While resolving Subcontract, can the Corp play a Hedge Fund as the second operation if it was drawn from playing Anonymous Tip as the first operation?

Ilogos Yes. The Corp chooses a second operation to play (if any) after the first operation is finished resolving.

20. When is Subcontract added to Archives?

Ilogos Subcontract is not trashed until after all operations played by its effect are finish resolving.


21. If both players have 6 agenda points, what happens when the Corp plays Exchange of Information and swaps a scored Merger with a stolen Global Food Initiative?

Ilogos The game ends in a tie.

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