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"You have been sold a lie of prosperity, growth, and wealth, a phantasm of a happy world that is more fragile than you could believe. All it will take is a single spark, and it will all go up in flames."
-Omar Keung, the Flashpoint

The Flashpoint Cycle is the sixth cycle of Android: Netrunner expansions, and is being released from mid-2016, directly after the fifth cycle, Mumbad. This is the first time there has been no deluxe expansion between cycles.

Thematically, the Flashpoint cycle starts with a 23 second total security failure at Titan Transnational Bank, during which many unlogged financial transactions take place, doing catastrophic damage to the digital credit economy. The cycle explores the fallout from this event, which mostly seems to have upped the stakes - the MegaCorps suspect each other, and are becoming more aggressive with each other and against runners.

Flashpoint is Damon Stone's first cycle as lead designer, and is the first release of the game not having Lukas Litzinger as the lead designer. Also, this cycle is the second-last to be released before rotation begins (with the release of the first pack of the 8th cycle), which will cause the first two cycles, Genesis and Spin to cycle out. These two factors combine to create a very distinct aspect to this cycle as a remixing and reinventing of the cards from the Genesis cycle. Such as a new MegaCorp ID for each Corporation, and clever remixes of earlier cards, such as the new Hernando Cortez compared to the Genesis card Cortez Chip.

Mechanically, Flashpoint cycle has introduced a new operation subtype, Terminal, which when played end the Corporation's turn (ie, should always play as the last click). Also, a number of new cards interact with the credit balance of the other player.

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