If a piece of ice with no subroutines like Troll is the first sentry the Runner encounters during a run initiated by Forked, then the Troll is trashed. However, if the Runner bypasses an encountered sentry, then Forked does not take effect on that ice as no subroutines were broken, even if that ice has no subroutines (for example, when using Femme Fatale on a Komainu).


Can the ICE Troll be trashed using Spooned, Knifed, or Forked? I would imagine not due to 0 subs, but just wanted to make sure.

Given that, sorry to beat the old Femme horse, but how does she interact with Komainu + Forked? Does Komainu trash as Femme's ability triggered on encounter, or do the subs still appear post-bypass Or does the bypass on encounter override the encounter as if it never happened? Or something else?


Tybb-sly If you encounter it you break zero subs which is all. If you bypass ice you don't break subs, wouldn't resolve on the Komainu.


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