This is the seventeenth in a series of unofficial FAQs released with each new data pack. Below are rulings from the ANCUR staff regarding some of the cards in Free Mars, as approved by the lead designer Michael Boggs.

God of WarEdit

Can the Runner avoid the tag from God of War and still get the virus counters?

No, taking the tag is a cost to placing the virus counters on God of War. If the tag is avoided, the cost hasn't been paid and the counters do not get placed.

Rip DealEdit

How does Rip Deal interact with upgrades installed in the root of HQ?

If the Runner chooses to use Rip Deal's ability, they still access cards from the root of HQ, but those cards do not add to the number of cards that the Runner adds from the heap to the grip.

If the Runner has an installed Nerve Agent, does it gain an additional virus counter before or after the Runner decides to use Rip Deal's effect?

Before. Nerve Agent gains a counter when the run is successful. The Runner uses Rip Deal after determining the number of accesses that will occur but before those accesses actually occur.

If the Runner has the ability to access three cards from HQ (such as through installed HQ Interfaces), but there are less than three cards in HQ at the time of access, how many cards can Rip Deal retrieve from the heap?

The number of accesses the Runner will get is determined ahead of Rip Deal's resolution, and it is limited by the number of cards available to access. If used, Rip Deal will return as many cards from the heap as there are cards in HQ.

If the Runner would access three cards from HQ, but only has or only wants two cards in the heap, can the Runner replace accessing two cards and access one card normally?

No. "When you would access any number of cards" refers to the full set of accesses that is about to occur.


Does Flashbang have to match the strength of a sentry in order to derez it?

Yes. Derezzing is a form of interacting with a piece of ice, and icebreakers must match strength to interact with ice.

Can Flashbang derez a Sapper while accessing it from R&D?

Lean and MeanEdit

If the Runner has four programs installed when they play Lean and Mean, then one of them is trashed during that run, do icebreakers then gain +2 strength?

No. Lean and Mean checks the number of programs installed as the run is initiated, and if there are 3 or fewer programs installed at that time applies a constant effect during the run.

If the Runner has three programs installed when they play Lean and Mean, then they use Clone Chip to install a fourth program, do icebreakers then lose the +2 strength?

No. Lean and Mean checks the number of programs installed as the run is initiated.

If the Runner installs an icebreaker during a run initiated by Lean and Mean, does the newly installed icebreaker gain the +2 strength?

No. The effect applies when the Runner plays Lean and Mean, so it will only apply to icebreakers installed at that time.

Bloo MooseEdit

Can the Runner trash a card with Aesop's Pawnshop and then remove that same card from the heap with Bloo Moose?

Yes. Both Aesop's Pawnshop and Bloo Moose meet their trigger conditions at the same time, so the Runner can choose the order in which the abilities trigger.

Helheim ServersEdit

Can the Corp use a Helheim Servers installed in the root of HQ if there is no ice protecting HQ?

No. The effect does not have the potential to cause a change in the game state, so it cannot be used.

Mandatory Seed ReplacementEdit

When the Corp scores Mandatory Seed Replacement, can they change the number of ice protecting a server or create new servers with the available ice?

No. The same amount of ice must be protecting each server after the rearrangement as before, and thus no new servers can be created through the rearrangement.


Can the Corp use Metamorph to swap a card with an installation restriction like Bamboo Dome (install only in the root of R&D) to a different server?

Yes. These restriction apply at the time they are installed and do not affect the card once installed.

Can the Corp use Metamorph to swap an extra region, asset, or agenda into a server?

No. The Corp must still follow any applicable restrictions from card abilities and game rules.

Data LoopEdit

If the Runner only has 1 card in their grip when they encounter Data Loop, do they have to put that card on top of the stack?

Yes. As the effect does not stipulate "if able", as much of the effect as can be resolved must be resolved.

Biased ReportingEdit

When the Runner trashes cards during Biased Reporting, which player gains the credits?

The Runner.

Does the Corp gain credits before or after the Runner trashes cards to Biased Reporting?

Resolve card effects in the order printed. The Runner trashes any number of installed cards of the chosen type, then the Corp gains 2 for each remaining installed card of the chosen type.


If Tithonium is already hosting a Pawn when it is rezzed, what happens to the Pawn?

The Pawn is immediately and unpreventably trashed because Tithonium cannot host it.

Can the Corp use Oversight AI to rez Tithonium? If so, does the Corp still install Oversight AI onto Tithonium?

Yes and yes. When Oversight AI is installed as a condition counter, is no longer considered a card until it leaves play, so Tithonium can host it.

If the Runner exposes Tithonium with Blackguard installed, can the Corp rez it by forfeiting an agenda instead of paying the rez cost?

No. Blackguard specifies that the Corp must rez the exposed card by paying its rez cost.

Transparency InitiativeEdit

Can the Corp install Transparency Initiative on an already faceup installed public agenda?

No. If no agenda is turned faceup, then Transparency Initiative can't find "that agenda" to install itself as a hosted condition counter.

Rover AlgorithmEdit

If the ice hosting Rover Algorithm is derezzed, does Rover Algorithm still gain power counters when the Runner passes that ice?

Yes. The ability is on the condition counter, which remains active even while the ice is inactive.

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