Glacier, also known as Iceberg, is a Corporation strategy that relies on creating one large and very taxing server to score agendas. Decks designed to win by creating this large server are known as Glacier decks.

Strategy Edit

Glacier decks often take considerably longer to reach their window for scoring agendas than other popular archetypes such as Rush and Fast Advance. However, once their scoring window is available, it is often available for the remainder of the game.

To protect themselves early in the game and create a taxing server late in the game, Glacier decks often run a number of expensive and taxing ice such as Tollbooth, Viktor 2.0, and Komainu.

To fund these expensive ice, Glacier decks run a lot of economy. Often, this economy comes in the form of assets since the deck is slow and can afford to receive its economy over time. Examples include: Eve Campaign, Adonis Campaign, and Sundew.

Glacier decks also tend to run cards that tax the runner further. Notable cards include Ash 2X3ZB9CY and Caprice Nisei which can end an already expensive run as well as Enhanced Login Protocol which makes the runner lose an additional click.

Counter-strategy Edit

Glacier requires money to function so depriving the corp of their economy early game is powerful. Trashing money assets is the key to successfully depriving a glacier deck of their credits. Account Siphon, while sometimes effective, is not as powerful against a glacier deck given that the deck often has ways of avoiding the siphon which include rezzing their assets before their credits are lost.

During the Mid game, it is imperative that the runner assemble their rig as fast as possible and have access to a reliable source of income. Magnum Opus is a consistent and reliable source of credits for taxing servers. The stealth economy and breakers is a good way of consistently getting through taxing ice but takes a lot of set up.

Notable decks Edit

  • Red Coats: an HB deck with low agenda density that forces the runner to spend an extremely large amount of credits to access its servers.
  • White Tree: a Replicating Perfection deck that capitalizes on the identity's ability, cost intensive ice, and damage to tax the runner's clicks.
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