1Credit: Add Himitsu-Bako to HQ.

SubroutineEnd the run.
Himitsu-Bako is a simple ice barrier that appears as a digital puzzle box. What makes it special is the ease with which it can be uninstalled and installed in a different server, throwing up barriers in unexpected places and giving any intruder a curious feeling of déjà vu.

Related RulingsEdit


  1. Copycat v. Himitsu-Bako Ruling
    Suppose I have Copycat installed. I make a run and encounter Himitsu-Bako. I break the subroutine. Still at 3.1, the corp chooses to trigger the paid ability of Himitsu-Bako. Can I trigger Copycat?
    You cannot trigger Copycat because there is no longer an active reference to the piece of ice that was passed.
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