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Place 1 virus counter on Hivemind when it is installed.

Virus counters on Hivemind are considered to be hosted on all other virus programs (and can be spent as if on them).
"We built the network. But then the network evolved. Can we be sure that it is not alive?" -g00ru

Related Rulings[]

  • If multiple viruses including Hivemind are hosted on Progenitors, then after a virus purge each virus retains 1 virus counter.[1]:Ruling


  1. Hivemind and another virus both on Progenitor
    If I have a Hivemind and a Medium on Progenitors, and a purge happens, how many real+considered counters remain on the Medium?
    They each go down to one, but then the Hivemind gives its one back to Medium for 2.