If the runner takes more simultaneous damage than the number of cards in his/her grip, even if they are holding I've Had Worse, the runner flatlines and loses.

@d23's Question[1]

Do you check for a flatline condition before triggering I've Had Worse or is damage dealt serially?


Tybb-sly.png Damage is dealt simultaneously.

Martin Brochu's Question[2]

If I have no cards in grip other than a single I've Had Worse and the Corp plays Scorched Earth, do I lose?


Tybb-sly.png The Runner loses.

Ben Torell's Question[3]

If you are dealt nonlethal dmg by a Scorch and the first card discarded is IHW do you have to wait until all dmg is done b4 draw?


Tybb-sly.png Yes you wait. The damage is taken at once, but you do need to establish the order the cards are trashed.


If the runner has a single I've Had Worse in hand and is dealt a Scorched Earth, all 4 meat damage is applied simultaneously, so the runner is flatlined. The runner does not discard I've Had Worse for the "first" meat damage, draw 3 cards, and then discard the rest for the other meat damage.

Furthermore, if the runner takes non-lethal simultaneous damage, and I've Had Worse is one of the cards discarded, the runner must wait until all damage is dealt before drawing cards from I've Had Worse's ability.


This ruling solidifies that the resolution of damage is simultaneous. Whenever the runner takes more than one point of damage, it is not dealt one at a time. The cards must be chosen one at a time in order to maintain the order of the heap, but once all cards have been chosen they are then discarded simultaneously. If the amount of damage is more than the Runner has cards in grip, then this order does not matter because the game is over due to flatline. It is not until all the cards are discarded at the end of the resolution of the damage that cards would trigger off of the damage, such as I've Had Worse.


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