The rez cost of IQ is increased by 1 for each card in HQ.

IQ has +1 strength for each card in HQ.

Subroutine.pngEnd the run.
Created by merging the brainscans of over a hundred of the most intelligent people in Haas-Bioroids cerebral database, its effectiveness is limited either by its lack of imagination or the imagination of the sysops who employ it.

Related Rulings

  • Because IQ's strength is set by a constant ability, there is a moment during the resolution of Corporate Shuffle that IQ's strength is 0 while the Corporation's HQ is empty. This would cause Parasite to trash IQ with its own constant ability.[1]:Ruling
  • If the Corporation returns IQ to HQ with Blue Sun, s/he gains credits equal to whatever the current rez cost of IQ is at that time.[2]:Ruling


  1. IQ + Corporate Shuffle v. Parasite Ruling
    With Parasite hosted on an IQ and only an Anonymous Tip in the corp's hand, would playing the Anonymous Tip trash IQ? Similarly would playing Corporate Shuffle with Parasite on an IQ trash the IQ?
    Yes. There is a moment, between playing the card and before resolving it, that the Corp has no cards in his or her grip.
  2. Blue Sun + IQ Ruling
    is the credits gained from adding IQ to HQ with Blue Sun based on cards in HQ at that time? or actual cost paid at time of rez?
    IQ has a rez cost that constantly changes so it is good with Blue Sun.
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