Click: Place 1 power counter on IT Department.

Hosted power counter: Choose a rezzed piece of ice. That ice has +1 strength until the end of the turn for each power counter (including the one spent) on IT Department.

Spending a power counter from It Department gives the chosen piece of ice +1 strength and +1 strength for all counters currently on IT Department. Thus, the strength of the piece of ice changes if more power counters are spent from IT Department, or if IT Department is trashed while there are counters on it.

Related RulingsEdit

  • Whenever multiple power counters are spent from IT Department, the strength added by each power counter is updated to be modified by the number of power counters currently left on the card.[1]:Ruling
  • More than one power counter can be spent to boost the strength of the same piece of ice.[2]:Ruling
  • If IT Department is trashed, any remaining counters spent give only +1 strength until the endo of turn because there are 0 counters left on IT Department.[3]:Ruling
  • The Corporation can rez and use IT Department during approach before the Runner has a chance to act.[4]:Ruling


  1. IT Department Ruling, Question 2
    I'm still misunderstanding, how is this 18 and not 19? Rechecking past resolved events and modifying them in retrospect?
    The ability constantly rechecks the number on the card.
  2. IT Department Ruling, Question 1
    3 counter IT Dept. Is it: -2 counters = +5 strength (3+2), or -2 counters = +3 strength (3 counters on ITD incl. those removed)?
    There is reason to use IT Dept with 3 counters on an ice. 2 counters makes it +2 and +2. Only spending 3 gives +3.
    Also, if you have more than 3 counters on IT Dept you can still get more strength for one ice.
  3. IT Department Ruling, Question 3
    What happens to existing ice buffs when ITD is trashed? Each gives +1+0 str or what?
    Each gets the initial +1.
  4. IT Department Timing Ruling
    IOW, is rezzing ice part of the paid ability window or separate? Unclear whether only non-ice rezzes are inside the window.
    Rezzing is part of the same window. You can rez and boost with IT Dept. before the Runner Parasites.
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