The Corporation is responsible for ending an infinite loop created by swapping two Toshiyuki Sakais.


For the new Jinteki Executive Toshiyuki Sakai, what happens with a loop of two Toshis? The Corp has Install, advance, adanced a Toshi the previous turn, and the runner makes a run. When the runner accesses Toshi, the corp swaps him for ToshiB from HQ. The runner chooses to access the ToshiB, which is then swapped back for ToshiA. This loop happens a few times. Which player is responsible for ending the loop?

The FAQ says

"The Runner is always responsible for ending a loop that occurs during a run by jacking out, unless a card ability prevents that from occurring. If so, then it is the Corp's responsibility to end the loop by letting the Runner through to the server."

However at this point the runner is already through to the server, and cannot jackout. The corp also cannot let him through, since he is already through. Does the corp have to choose not to swap swap Toshi (or swap him for something else) or does the runner have to decline to access?

If the runner has to decline to access, does the corp get to swap in whichever card they like for the final iteration of the loop? EG the runner says they'll run the loop 100 times, the corp then gets the opportunity to choose which card to put in, the runner *can't* then access, or can they choose? (But then you are back in the loop if its ToshiC!)

Does the situation change if the corp has an installed Alix T4LB07 which is gaining counters each time the loop happens?


Tybb-sly The Corp can continually swap the two Toshiyuki Sakais. If the Runner continues to access the Toshiyuki's, and the Corp shows no sign of changing the cards, then a judge can be called over. It could be considered slow play/stalling on the side of the Corp.

The Corp is the one who is making the choice to continue swapping; this choice occurs before the Runner choice of whether or not to access. Therefore, the burden is on the Corp to stop swapping before it is on the Runner to stop accessing.


Posted to Board Game Geek by Omy Moose on April 30, 2014

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