Some ice like Minelayer can install more ice on the same server in the middle of a run. A strict reading of the rules on approaching ice would have the Runner approach the newly installed ice after passing the Minelayer. This is not the intended execution of a run.


As per the current timing structure of a run, when passing a piece of ICE, if any ICE remains on the server you approach the outtermost ice on the server NOT ALREADY APPROACHED (step 2.1).

Strictly reading this, should the runner pass an Architect or Minelayer which installs a new piece of ICE on the same server, then the runner should not approach the new ICE, and if they pass this also, they'd hop over any already approached ICE (including any bypassed) as they proceed inwards.

This seems kind of unintuitive, but rules-as-written I'm finding it hard to see how it wouldn't be correct without a change to the timing structure, or an addition to the FAQ.


Tybb-sly Do you mean to say that the Runner would approach the new piece of ice? That isn’t how it works, but I agree that a strict reading of the rule could support this position. I’ll address this in the next FAQ.


In the same vein, a strict reading of the rules would cause two other weird interactions:

  • If the Runner encounters a Cell Portal and does not break the subroutine, the Runner would approach the outermost piece of ice protecting the server. After encountering that ice, the Runner would skip to passing the Cell Portal and approach the piece of ice installed after it. This ruling implies that this is not the case, and the Runner would have to re-approach all the ice protecting the server.
  • If the Runner uses Copycat after passing a piece of ice, s/he would then need to approach any ice outside of the chosen piece of ice, thus rendering Copycat a useless card. This ruling implies that this is not the case, and the Runner does not have to approach any ice before the Copycatt-ed ice.


Posted to BoardGameGeek by Andrew Keddie on February 2, 2015

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