This is the tenth in a series of unofficial FAQs released with each new data pack. Below are rulings from the ANCUR staff regarding some of the cards in Intervention, as approved by the lead designer Michael Boggs.

En PassantEdit

1. Can the Runner play En Passant to trash a piece of ice that was passed while rezzed and then subsequently derezzed by another card ability (e.g. Emergency Shutdown or Golden)?

Ancurprofile Yes. En Passant trashes an unrezzed piece of ice, regardless of the situation in which it was passed earlier in the turn.

Frantic CodingEdit

2. If the Runner uses Paige Piper to find and trash the other copies of the card installed by Frantic Coding, are the rest of the cards looked at still trashed?

Ancurprofile No. Paige Piper interrupts the resolution of Frantic Coding, and as a search effect it shuffles the stack. After this, the cards that were looked at can no longer be confirmed and referenced, so the rest of Frantic Coding’s ability fails to resolve.

The GauntletEdit

3. Does The Gauntlet count broken pieces of ice that have since been derezzed or trashed?

Ancurprofile The Gauntlet can count derezzed pieces of ice on which all subroutines were broken, but it cannot count trashed pieces of ice because they are no longer protecting HQ.

Top HatEdit

4. Does Top Hat allow the Runner to see the top cards of R&D before choosing which to access?

Ancurprofile No.

Citadel SanctuaryEdit

5. If the Runner uses Joshua B. to gain an extra click while untagged, can Citadel Sanctuary remove the tag gained from Joshua B.’s ability at the end of the turn?

Ancurprofile No. The Runner must be tagged when the end of the turn occurs in order for Citadel Sanctuary to meet its trigger condition. If the Runner takes a tag after the end of the turn has already occurred, such as through Joshua B.’s ability, then Citadel Sanctuary cannot retroactively meet its trigger condition.

Haas-Bioroid, Architects of TomorrowEdit

6. Does Architects of Tomorrow trigger if the Runner trashes an encountered bioroid?

Ancurprofile No. Architects of Tomorrow requires that the Runner passses a rezzed piece of ice, and ice that is not installed is neither rezzed nor unrezzed. Consequently, Architects of Tomorrow is still available to trigger later in the same turn.

Fumiko YamamoriEdit

7. If the Runner loses the psi game from Caprice Nisei while Fumiko Yamamori is rezzed, does the Runner take meat damage before or after the run ends?

Ancurprofile After. The run ending is a constant effect from the result of the secretly spent credits being revealed, so it must be immediately resolved before any abilities triggered from the secretly spent credits being revealed.

Chief SleeEdit

8. If an encountered piece of ice is trashed, does Chief Slee gain power counters?

Ancurprofile Yes. If an encountered piece of ice is uninstalled, then the encounter immediately ends.

9. If the Runner trashes Hive during the encounter while the Corp has 2 agenda points in their score area, how many power counters are placed on Chief Slee? What if the Runner encounters and trashes an ice that gains subroutines, like Komainu?

Ancurprofile Chief Slee references the number of unbroken subroutines that were on the encountered ice at the time the encounter ended. Thus, if the Runner trashes Hive in this situation, Chief Slee will gain 3 power counters. Likewise, Chief Slee will gain as many power counters as the Komainu had subroutines when it was trashed.

Best DefenseEdit

10. Can Best Defense trash a Corp card?

Ancurprofile No.

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