If the Corporation purges virus counters while the Runner has Fester and Ixodidae installed, Ixodidae is trashed by its constant ability before either Fester's or Ixodidae's conditional abilities trigger.


Does Ixodidae trash before it gives you money from Fester when the Corporation purges virus counters?


Tybb-sly Ixodidae and Lamprey have constant abilities ("Trash if the Corp purges…"). Even though these require a certain condition to be met, “if” means that it is always active and resolves before triggered abilities. So the Corp purges, the Ixodidae trashes, and then the Runner resolves the Fester. Since the Ixodidae is no longer around, the Runner cannot gain credits from the conditional.


Posted to BoardGameGeek by Bradley Galbraith on December 22, 2014

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