Before taking your first turn, you may swap this card with any copy of Jinteki Biotech.

Click.png, Click.png, Click.png: Flip this identity.

When you flip this identity, do 2 net damage.

The vats in Building C can create— and destroy— life itself.

When you flip this identity, shuffle Archives into R&D.

The best and the brightest genegineers spend their days in the Tank dreaming up a better world.

When you flip this identity, place 4 advancement tokens on a card that can be advanced.

The Greenhouse was built to enhance natural beauty.

Jinteki Biotech is the first flip identity introduced in Android: Netrunner. When playing with this identity, the Corporation starts with any of the three different versions of Jinteki Biotech face down as his/her identity. After both players decide starting hands, the Corporation can then choose to swap out his/her current copy of Biotech with either of the other two. Then during the game the Corporation may spend three clicks to flip the identity over and activate its ability.

Rules Insert
NEW! Flip Cards

The Jinteki Biotech card in this data pack is double-faced. The three copies of Jinteki Biotech have a different version of the card on the back side. The Corp player can build his deck around any one of the copies of Jinteki Biotech— all 3 have the same influence and minimum deck size restrictions— and then use the ability on the front side of the card to swap to a dfferent version of the card from his collection before taking his first turn. There is no influence nor minimum deck size listed on the back side of the Jinteki Biotech ID, as these values are not used during gameplay.

The back side of a double-faced identity is hidden knowledge, and the Runner cannot look at the back of the card.

By spending Click.png Click.png Click.png, the Corp can flip the front of the ID to its back side. This triggers the ability on the back side of the identty. This is a once-per-game ability, as the Corp cannot choose to flip the ID back to its front.

When swapping IDs, the player can swap back to the original card (in case he is worried that his opponent knows which card he started with).


  • April 3, 2015: Officially released[1]


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