This is the first of a series of unofficial FAQs released with each new data pack. Below are rulings from Damon Stone, the head designer, regarding some of the cards in Kala Ghoda.

Consumer Grade HardwareEdit

1. Does "Limit 6 per deck" apply during a draft?

Ilogos Yes. As it is part of the card text, this limit applies even during a draft.

Alliance CardsEdit

2. If the Runner accesses an Alliance card from HQ, is the Corp required to tell him or her how much influence that card is worth in his or her deck? What about if the Runner accesses an Alliance card from R&D?

Ilogos No. It is assumed that the Corp’s deck is legal, and the influence value on the card is irrelevant for the purposes of gameplay.

3. What happens if the Corp no longer has enough cards in his or her deck to satisfy the Alliance requirement for a card due to cards being removed from the game?

Ilogos Nothing happens. Just like with Cerebral Static against The Professor, the deck building aspect of a card only matters during deck building and not during the game.

Run AmokEdit

4. When does Run Amok trigger?

Ilogos Run Amok triggers as soon as the run ends, similar to Dirty Laundry or Doppelganger.

5. Can the Runner use Run Amok to trash a piece of ice the Corp rezzes during the run but then uses Test Ground to derez before the run ends?

Ilogos Yes. Run Amok only cares that the ice was rezzed during the run, not whether or not the ice is still rezzed at the end of the run.

Ramujan-Reliant 550 BMIEdit

6. The Corp has a scored Sentinel Defense Program when the Runner encounters a Viktor 1.0 and cannot break the subroutines. How many copies of Ramujan-Reliant 550 BMI must be installed to prevent all the damage?

Ilogos The Runner only needs 1 copy of Ramujan-Reliant 550 BMI, which can be used to prevent the 1 brain damage from Viktor 1.0. Since Sentinel Defense Program requires the Runner to ‘’suffer’’ damage and not just be dealt damage, it does not trigger if the damage is prevented.

Street MagicEdit

7. When the Runner encounters a piece of ice with Street Magic installed, when is the order of resolution for the subroutines determined? Is the order determined before any subroutines resolve, or does the Runner choose one subroutine to resolve at a time?

Ilogos Instead of the subroutines resolving in the order printed on the ice, the Runner chooses the order they will resolve in, and then they resolve one at a time in that order.

High-Stakes JobEdit

8. When does High-Stakes Job trigger?

Ilogos High-Stakes Job triggers as soon as a successful run ends, similar to Dirty Laundry or Doppelganger.


9. If the Runner uses Mongoose to break subroutines on a piece of ice, and then that ice is encountered a second time during the run (through Cell Portal or The Twins, for example) can the Runner still break its subroutines with Mongoose?

Ilogos Yes. It is the same copy of the ice, so the Runner can break the subroutines on it.

Jesminder SareenEdit

10. If the Runner avoids a tag from Data Raven with a card other than Jesminder Sareen (e.g. New Angeles City Hall), does Jesminder Sareen avoid the tag from a second Data Raven?

Ilogos No. Jesminder can only avoid the first tag that is given during any single run.

11. Can Jesminder Sareen avoid the tag from John Masanori?

Ilogos No. John Masanori tags the Runner after the run has ended, so Jesminder’s ability does not apply.


12. Can the Runner use Maya to add an accessed card to the bottom of R&D even after trashing or stealing it?

Ilogos Yes. Maya triggers after the access has ended, so the state of the accessed card does not matter for the resolution of Maya’s effect.


13. Which subtypes are valid for Panchatantra to give to ice? Does the Runner have to choose a subtype on a rezzed piece of ice?

Ilogos Any subtype is valid. Subtypes are not specific to a particular card type, and you don’t have to choose one from rezzed cards.

14. Can the Runner make up a subtype to give ice with Panchatantra?

Ilogos Yes!

Artist ColonyEdit

15. Can I use Artist Colony to search for a card that I’m unable to install (either because it’s an Event or because I can’t afford the install cost)?

Ilogos Yes, because Artist Colony doesn’t restrict which card you search for. If you can’t install the card, though, it will just get shuffled back into your stack.

Chatterjee UniversityEdit

16. Does the counter I spend to install a program with Chatterjee University count toward reducing its cost?

Ilogos Yes. The text of the ability resolves in order, so the counter is only removed after the program is installed. Therefore the counter is still on Chatterjee University when the install cost must be paid, and reduces the cost.

17. Can the Runner use Chatterjee University’s ability to install a program when there are no counters on it?

Ilogos Yes.

Mumbad City GridEdit

18. The Runner passes a Wall of Static and uses Copycat to bounce to another Wall of Static on a different server. Can the Corp still use Mumbad City Grid to swap the original Wall of Static with another piece of ice protecting the original server?

Ilogos No. The Runner is no longer passing that Wall of Static, so Mumbad City Grid's trigger condition has expired.

19. If a passed piece of ice protecting a server with Mumbad City Grid is uninstalled (e.g. Paper Wall, or via a card effect like False Echo), what happens?

Ilogos Nothing. The ice is no longer installed, and so Mumbad City Grid's trigger condition has expired. "Another piece of ice protecting this server" implies that both pieces of ice must be protecting the server in order for Mumbad City Grid to work.

20. Do Susanoo-no-Mikoto and Mumbad City Grid work together?

Ilogos No. If the subroutine on Susanoo-no-Mikoto resolves, passing Susanoo-no-Mikoto is replaced with running on Archives, so Mumbad City Grid never triggers.

21. During a run, the Runner passes a Wall of Static and then passes an Enigma. When the Runner passes the Enigma, the Corp uses Mumbad City Grid to swap the Enigma with the Wall of Static. Does the Runner now approach the server or continue past the Enigma into an approach with the Wall of Static again?

Ilogos The Runner approaches the server, as this is the next step of the run according to the Runner's position in the server.

22. The Runner runs on a server protected by two pieces of ice. They pass a Wall of Static and then pass an Enigma. Can the Corp use Mumbad City Grid to swap the Enigma and the Wall of Static, and then use The Twins to force the Runner to encounter the Enigma again from the outer position?

Ilogos You can’t use The Twins after using Mumbad City Grid. Both effects have the same trigger condition, which means the Corp could theoretically choose to resolve them in either order, but if they choose to resolve Mumbad City Grid first and swap the Enigma to a different position, the Runner is now passing a different piece of ice (Wall of Static). So the trigger condition for The Twins has expired and that ability can’t be resolved.

23. The Runner runs on a server protected by two pieces of ice. They pass a Wall of Static and then pass an Enigma. Can the Corp use The Twins to force the Runner to re-encounter the Enigma and then swap the Runner out to the outer position?

Ilogos The Corp can choose to resolve the ability on The Twins first, forcing another encounter with Enigma, and then use Mumbad City Grid to swap it with Wall of Static afterward, but the Runner will approach the server after all the Enigma encounters are completed, and will not have to encounter Wall of Static again.

Dedication CeremonyEdit

24. Can Dedication Ceremony be used to place advancement tokens on a rezzed Haas Arcology AI?

Ilogos Yes. Dedicated Ceremony does not specify to put the tokens on a card that can be advanced, and rezzed cards are faceup.

25. Does Dedication Ceremony trigger the abilities on public agendas like Oaktown Renovation?

Ilogos No, the action of advancing a card places advancement tokens, but placing advancement tokens through other effects does not count as advancing a card.

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