Shuffle your grip and heap into your stack. Draw 5 cards. Remove Levy AR Lab Access from the game instead of trashing it.
Spend too much time in the AR Lab and someone might notice. Unless you're head of it, that is.

Related Rulings

  • Cards removed from the game are open information.[1]:Ruling
  • During the resolution of Levy AR Lab Access, the Runner temporarily has no cards in hand. If s/he has an Ekomind installed, then his/her base memory is reduced to 0 during this time and may cause programs to be trashed due to memory limits.[2]:Ruling


  1. Removed From Game Information Ruling
    Are cards removed from the game open information?
    Yes, that is open information.
  2. Ekomind Memory Limit Ruling
    Does ekomind work with other +mu hardware.

    1. Ekomind + CyberSolutions Mem Chip (+2mu) Does your memory =cards +2mu or does the text on ekomind decrease the limit to cards in hand.

    2. So if i Levy AR Lab Access with above setup and shuffle all cards back in. Then draw 5. My memory drops too 2 or zero then back to 5 or 7

    Ekomind sets the base from which you increase and decrease memory. So in that situation, you would have cards + 2, or in the second example 2 and then 7.
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