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Set # Name Faction Type
54 Haas-Bioroid, Engineering the Future Haas-Bioroid Identity
55 Accelerated Beta Test Haas-Bioroid Agenda
56 Adonis Campaign Haas-Bioroid Asset
57 Aggressive Secretary Haas-Bioroid Asset
58 Archived Memories Haas-Bioroid Operation
59 Biotic Labor Haas-Bioroid Operation
60 Shipment from Mirrormorph Haas-Bioroid Operation
61 Heimdall 1.0 Haas-Bioroid Ice
62 Ichi 1.0 Haas-Bioroid Ice
63 Viktor 1.0 Haas-Bioroid Ice
64 Rototurret Haas-Bioroid Ice
65 Corporate Troubleshooter Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
66 Experiential Data Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
67 Jinteki, Personal Evolution Jinteki Identity
68 Nisei MK II Jinteki Agenda
69 Project Junebug Jinteki Asset
70 Snare! Jinteki Asset
71 Zaibatsu Loyalty Jinteki Asset
72 Neural EMP Jinteki Operation
73 Precognition Jinteki Operation
74 Cell Portal Jinteki Ice
75 Chum Jinteki Ice
76 Data Mine Jinteki Ice
77 Neural Katana Jinteki Ice
78 Wall of Thorns Jinteki Ice
79 Akitaro Watanabe Jinteki Upgrade
80 NBN, Making News NBN Identity
81 AstroScript Pilot Program NBN Agenda
82 Breaking News NBN Agenda
83 Anonymous Tip NBN Operation
84 Closed Accounts NBN Operation
85 Psychographics NBN Operation
86 SEA Source NBN Operation
87 Ghost Branch NBN Asset
88 Data Raven NBN Ice
89 Matrix Analyzer NBN Ice
90 Tollbooth NBN Ice
91 Red Herrings NBN Upgrade
92 SanSan City Grid NBN Upgrade
93 Weyland Consortium, Building a Better World Weyland Consortium Identity
94 Hostile Takeover Weyland Consortium Agenda
95 Posted Bounty Weyland Consortium Agenda
96 Security Subcontract Weyland Consortium Asset
97 Aggressive Negotiation Weyland Consortium Operation
98 Beanstalk Royalties Weyland Consortium Operation
99 Scorched Earth Weyland Consortium Operation
100 Shipment from Kaguya Weyland Consortium Operation
101 Archer Weyland Consortium Ice
102 Hadrian's Wall Weyland Consortium Ice
103 Ice Wall Weyland Consortium Ice
104 Shadow Weyland Consortium Ice
105 Research Station Weyland Consortium Upgrade
106 Priority Requisition Neutral Agenda
107 Private Security Force Neutral Agenda
108 Melange Mining Corp. Neutral Asset
109 PAD Campaign Neutral Asset
110 Hedge Fund Neutral Operation
111 Enigma Neutral Ice
112 Hunter Neutral Ice
113 Wall of Static Neutral Ice
10 Haas-Bioroid, Stronger Together Haas-Bioroid Identity
11 Mandatory Upgrades Haas-Bioroid Agenda
12 Janus 1.0 Haas-Bioroid Ice
13 Ash 2X3ZB9CY Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
14 Braintrust Jinteki Agenda
15 Snowflake Jinteki Ice
16 Restructured Datapool NBN Agenda
17 TMI NBN Ice
18 Project Atlas Weyland Consortium Agenda
19 Caduceus Weyland Consortium Ice
20 Dracō Neutral Ice
29 Encryption Protocol Haas-Bioroid Asset
30 Sherlock 1.0 Haas-Bioroid Ice
31 Jinteki, Replicating Perfection Jinteki Identity
32 Fetal AI Jinteki Agenda
33 Trick of Light Jinteki Operation
34 Sensei Jinteki Ice
35 Big Brother NBN Operation
36 ChiLo City Grid NBN Upgrade
37 Power Grid Overload Weyland Consortium Operation
38 Amazon Industrial Zone Weyland Consortium Upgrade
39 Executive Retreat Neutral Agenda
40 Freelancer Neutral Operation
51 Project Vitruvius Haas-Bioroid Agenda
52 Viper Haas-Bioroid Ice
53 Edge of World Jinteki Asset
54 Sunset Jinteki Operation
55 Marked Accounts NBN Asset
56 Pop-up Window NBN Ice
57 Woodcutter Weyland Consortium Ice
58 Commercialization Weyland Consortium Operation
59 Private Contracts Neutral Asset
60 Chimera Neutral Ice
70 Green Level Clearance Haas-Bioroid Operation
71 Hourglass Haas-Bioroid Ice
72 Dedicated Server Jinteki Asset
73 Bullfrog Jinteki Ice
74 Uroboros NBN Ice
75 Net Police NBN Asset
76 Weyland Consortium, Because We Built It Weyland Consortium Identity
77 Government Contracts Weyland Consortium Agenda
78 Tyrant Weyland Consortium Ice
79 Oversight AI Weyland Consortium Operation
80 False Lead Neutral Agenda
92 Eve Campaign Haas-Bioroid Asset
93 Rework Haas-Bioroid Operation
94 Whirlpool Jinteki Ice
95 Hokusai Grid Jinteki Upgrade
96 Data Hound NBN Ice
97 Bernice Mai NBN Upgrade
98 Salvage Weyland Consortium Ice
99 Simone Diego Weyland Consortium Upgrade
100 Foxfire Neutral Operation
110 Eli 1.0 Haas-Bioroid Ice
111 Ruhr Valley Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
112 Ronin Jinteki Asset
113 Midori Jinteki Upgrade
114 NBN, The World is Yours* NBN Identity
115 Project Beale NBN Agenda
116 Midseason Replacements NBN Operation
117 Flare NBN Ice
118 Dedicated Response Team Weyland Consortium Asset
119 Burke Bugs Weyland Consortium Ice
120 Corporate War Neutral Agenda
1 Cerebral Imaging, Infinite Frontiers Haas-Bioroid Identity
2 Custom Biotics, Engineered for Success Haas-Bioroid Identity
3 NEXT Design, Guarding the Net Haas-Bioroid Identity
4 Director Haas' Pet Project Haas-Bioroid Agenda
5 Efficiency Committee Haas-Bioroid Agenda
6 Project Wotan Haas-Bioroid Agenda
7 Sentinel Defense Program Haas-Bioroid Agenda
8 Alix T4LB07 Haas-Bioroid Asset
9 Cerebral Overwriter Haas-Bioroid Asset
10 Director Haas Haas-Bioroid Asset
11 Haas Arcology AI Haas-Bioroid Asset
12 Thomas Haas Haas-Bioroid Asset
13 Bioroid Efficiency Research Haas-Bioroid Operation
14 Successful Demonstration Haas-Bioroid Operation
15 Heimdall 2.0 Haas-Bioroid Ice
16 Howler Haas-Bioroid Ice
17 Ichi 2.0 Haas-Bioroid Ice
18 Minelayer Haas-Bioroid Ice
19 Viktor 2.0 Haas-Bioroid Ice
20 Zed 1.0 Haas-Bioroid Ice
21 Awakening Center Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
22 Tyr's Hand Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
23 Gila Hands Arcology Neutral Agenda
24 Levy University Neutral Asset
25 Server Diagnostics Neutral Asset
26 Bastion Neutral Ice
27 Datapike Neutral Ice
10 Project Ares Haas-Bioroid Agenda
11 NEXT Bronze Haas-Bioroid Ice
12 Celebrity Gift Jinteki Operation
13 Himitsu Bako Jinteki Ice
14 Character Assassination NBN Agenda
15 Jackson Howard NBN Asset
16 Invasion of Privacy NBN Operation
17 Geothermal Fracking Weyland Consortium Agenda
18 Swarm Weyland Consortium Ice
19 Cyberdex Trial Neutral Operation
20 Grim Neutral Ice
30 Wotan Haas-Bioroid Ice
31 Hellion Alpha Test Haas-Bioroid Operation
32 Clone Retirement Jinteki Agenda
33 Swordsman Jinteki Ice
34 Shipment from SanSan NBN Operation
35 Muckraker NBN Ice
36 The Cleaners Weyland Consortium Agenda
37 Elizabeth Mills Weyland Consortium Asset
38 Off the Grid Weyland Consortium Upgrade
39 Profiteering Neutral Agenda
40 Restructure Neutral Operation
50 Isabel McGuire Haas-Bioroid Asset
51 Hudson 1.0 Haas-Bioroid Ice
52 Accelerated Diagnostics Haas-Bioroid Operation
53 Unorthodox Predictions Jinteki Agenda
54 Sundew Jinteki Asset
55 City Surveillance NBN Asset
56 Snoop NBN Ice
57 Ireress Weyland Consortium Ice
58 Power Shutdown Weyland Consortium Operation
59 Paper Wall Neutral Ice
60 Interns Neutral Operation
70 Rex Campaign Haas-Bioroid Asset
71 Fenris Haas-Bioroid Ice
72 Panic Button Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
73 Shock! Jinteki Asset
74 Tsurugi Jinteki Ice
75 TGTBT NBN Agenda
76 Sweeps Week NBN Operation
78 Curtain Wall Weyland Consortium Ice
79 Punitive Counterstrike Weyland Consortium Operation
80 Veterans Program Neutral Agenda
90 Blue Level Clearance Haas-Bioroid Operation
91 Strongbox Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
92 Toshiyuki Sakai Jinteki Asset
93 Yagura Jinteki Ice
94 Restoring Face Jinteki Operation
95 Market Research NBN Agenda
96 Wraparound NBN Ice
97 GRNDL, Power Unleashed Weyland Consortium Identity
98 Vulcan Coverup Weyland Consortium Agenda
99 GRNDL Refinery Weyland Consortium Asset
100 Subliminal Messaging Neutral Operation
110 Gyri Labyrinth Haas-Bioroid Ice
111 Reclamation Order Haas-Bioroid Operation
112 Broadcast Square NBN Asset
113 Corporate Shuffle NBN Operation
114 Caprice Nisei Jinteki Upgrade
115 Shinobi Jinteki Ice
116 Marker Jinteki Ice
117 Hive Weyland Consortium Ice
118 Witness Tampering Weyland Consortium Operation
119 NAPD Contract Neutral Agenda
120 Quandary Neutral Ice
1 Harmony Medtech, Biomedical Pioneer Jinteki Identity
2 Nisei Division, The Next Generation Jinteki Identity
3 Tennin Institute, The Secrets Within Jinteki Identity
4 House of Knives Jinteki Agenda
5 Medical Breakthrough Jinteki Agenda
6 Philotic Entanglement Jinteki Agenda
7 The Future Perfect Jinteki Agenda
8 Chairman Hiro Jinteki Asset
9 Mental Health Clinic Jinteki Asset
10 Psychic Field Jinteki Asset
11 Shi.Kyū Jinteki Asset
12 Tenma Line Jinteki Asset
13 Cerebral Cast Jinteki Operation
14 Medical Research Fundraiser Jinteki Operation
15 Mushin No Shin Jinteki Operation
16 Inazuma Jinteki Ice
17 Komainu Jinteki Ice
18 Pup Jinteki Ice
19 Shiro Jinteki Ice
20 Susanoo-no-Mikoto Jinteki Ice
21 NeoTokyo Grid Jinteki Upgrade
22 Tori Hanzō Jinteki Upgrade
23 Plan B Neutral Asset
24 Guard Neutral Ice
25 Rainbow Neutral Ice
26 Diversified Portfolio Neutral Operation
27 Fast Track Neutral Operation
1 Domestic Sleepers Haas-Bioroid Agenda
2 NEXT Silver Haas-Bioroid Ice
3 Lotus Field Jinteki Ice
4 Mutate Jinteki Operation
5 Near-Earth Hub, Broadcast Center NBN Identity
6 Primary Transmission Dish NBN Asset
7 Midway Station Grid NBN Upgrade
8 The Root Weyland Consortium Asset
9 Taurus Weyland Consortium Ice
10 Mother Goddess Neutral Ice
11 Galahad Neutral Ice
12 Bad Times Neutral Operation
21 The Foundry, Refining the Process Haas-Bioroid Identity
22 Enhanced Login Protocol Haas-Bioroid Operation
23 Heinlein Grid Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
24 Encrypted Portals Jinteki Agenda
25 Cerebral Static Jinteki Operation
26 Targeted Marketing NBN Operation
27 Information Overload NBN Ice
28 Paywall Implementation Weyland Consortium Operation
29 Sealed Vault Weyland Consortium Asset
30 Eden Fragment Neutral Agenda
31 Lag Time Neutral Operation
32 Will-o'-the-Wisp Neutral Upgrade
41 IQ Haas-Bioroid Ice
42 Eliza's Toybox Haas-Bioroid Asset
43 Kitsune Jinteki Ice
44 Port Anson Grid Jinteki Upgrade
45 The News Now Hour NBN Asset
46 Manhunt NBN Operation
47 Wendigo Weyland Consortium Ice
48 Crisium Grid Weyland Consortium Upgrade
49 Chronos Project Neutral Agenda
50 Shattered Remains Neutral Asset
51 Lancelot Neutral Ice
61 Architect Haas-Bioroid Ice
62 Peak Efficiency Haas-Bioroid Operation
63 Labyrinthine Servers Jinteki Agenda
64 Ashigaru Jinteki Ice
65 Mamba Jinteki Ice
66 Reversed Accounts NBN Asset
67 Universal Connectivity Fee NBN Ice
68 Blue Sun, Powering the Future Weyland Consortium Identity
69 Changeling Weyland Consortium Ice
70 Reuse Weyland Consortium Operation
71 Hades Fragment Neutral Agenda
72 Docklands Crackdown Neutral Asset
81 Bifrost Array Haas-Bioroid Agenda
82 Sagittarius Haas-Bioroid Ice
83 Hostile Infrastructure Jinteki Asset
84 Gemini Jinteki Ice
85 License Acquisition NBN Agenda
86 Daily Business Show NBN Asset
87 Superior Cyberwalls Weyland Consortium Agenda
88 Executive Boot Camp Weyland Consortium Asset
89 Lycan Weyland Consortium Ice
90 Snatch and Grab Neutral Operation
91 Merlin Neutral Ice
92 Shell Corporation Neutral Upgrade
101 Helium-3 Deposit Weyland Consortium Agenda
102 Errand Boy Weyland Consortium Ice
103 IT Department Haas-Bioroid Asset
104 Markus 1.0 Haas-Bioroid Ice
105 Industrial Genomics, Growing Solutions Jinteki Identity
106 Turtlebacks Jinteki Asset
107 Shoot the Moon NBN Operation
108 Troll NBN Ice
109 Virgo NBN Ice
110 Utopia Fragment Neutral Agenda
111 Excalibur Neutral Ice
112 Self-destruct Neutral Upgrade
1 Argus Security, Protection Guaranteed Weyland Consortium Identity
2 Gagarin Deep Space, Expanding the Horizon Weyland Consortium Identity
3 Titan Transnational, Investing In Your Future Weyland Consortium Identity
4 Firmware Updates Weyland Consortium Agenda
5 Glenn Station Weyland Consortium Agenda
6 Government Takeover Weyland Consortium Agenda
7 High-Risk Investment Weyland Consortium Agenda
8 Constellation Protocol Weyland Consortium Asset
9 Mark Yale Weyland Consortium Asset
10 Space Camp Weyland Consortium Asset
11 The Board Weyland Consortium Asset
12 Asteroid Belt Weyland Consortium Ice
13 Wormhole Weyland Consortium Ice
14 Nebula Weyland Consortium Ice
15 Orion Weyland Consortium Ice
16 Builder Weyland Consortium Ice
17 Checkpoint Weyland Consortium Ice
18 Fire Wall Weyland Consortium Ice
19 Searchlight Weyland Consortium Ice
20 Housekeeping Weyland Consortium Operation
21 Patch Weyland Consortium Operation
22 Traffic Accident Weyland Consortium Operation
23 Satellite Grid Weyland Consortium Upgrade
24 The Twins Weyland Consortium Upgrade
25 Sub Boost Neutral Operation
26 Dedicated Technician Team Neutral Upgrade
27 Cyberdex Virus Suite Neutral Upgrade
10 Brain-Taping Warehouse Haas-Bioroid Asset
11 NEXT Gold Haas-Bioroid Ice
12 Jinteki Biotech, Life Imagined Jinteki Identity
13 Genetic Resequencing Jinteki Agenda
14 Cortex Lock Jinteki Ice
15 Valley Grid Jinteki Upgrade
16 Bandwidth NBN Ice
17 Predictive Algorithm NBN Operation
18 Capital Investors Weyland Consortium Asset
19 Negotiator Weyland Consortium Ice
20 Tech Startup Neutral Asset
32 Research Grant Haas-Bioroid Agenda
33 Turing Haas-Bioroid Ice
34 Crick Jinteki Ice
35 Recruiting Trip Jinteki Operation
36 Blacklist NBN Asset
37 Gutenburg NBN Ice
38 Student Loans Weyland Consortium Asset
39 Meru Mati Weyland Consortium Ice
40 Breaker Bay Grid Neutral Upgrade


Set # Name Faction Type
50 Cybernetics Division, Humanity Upgraded Haas-Bioroid Identity
51 Self-Destruct Chips Haas-Bioroid Agenda
52 Lab Dog Haas-Bioroid Ice
53 Oaktown Grid Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
54 Ryon Knight Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
55 Clairvoyant Monitor Jinteki Ice
56 Lockdown Jinteki Ice
57 Little Engine NBN Ice
58 Oaktown Renovation Weyland Consortium Agenda
59 Corporate Town Weyland Consortium Asset
60 Quicksand Neutral Ice
72 Defective Brainchips Haas-Bioroid Operation
75 Exposé NBN Asset
77 Underway Renovation Weyland Consortium Agenda
78 Contract Killer Weyland Consortium Asset
80 Underway Grid Neutral Upgrade
91 An Offer You Can't Refuse Jinteki Operation
92 Haarpsichord Studios, Entertainment Unleashed NBN Identity
93 Award Bait NBN Agenda
94 Explode-a-palooza NBN Agenda
98 Hollywood Renovation Weyland Consortium Agenda
110 Team Sponsorship Haas-Bioroid Asset
111 Chronos Protocol, Selective Mindmapping Jinteki Identity
112 Ancestral Imager Jinteki Agenda
113 Genetics Pavilion Jinteki Asset
115 Product Placement NBN Upgrade
119 Expo Grid Weyland Consortium Upgrade


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