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Set # Name Faction Type
54 Haas-Bioroid, Engineering the Future Haas-Bioroid Identity
67 Jinteki, Personal Evolution Jinteki Identity
80 NBN, Making News NBN Identity
93 Weyland Consortium, Building a Better World Weyland Consortium Identity
10 Haas-Bioroid, Stronger Together Haas-Bioroid Identity
31 Jinteki, Replicating Perfection Jinteki Identity
76 Weyland Consortium, Because We Built It Weyland Consortium Identity

114 NBN, The World is Yours* NBN Identity
1 Cerebral Imaging, Infinite Frontiers Haas-Bioroid Identity
2 Custom Biotics, Engineered for Success Haas-Bioroid Identity
3 NEXT Design, Guarding the Net Haas-Bioroid Identity
97 GRNDL, Power Unleashed Weyland Consortium Identity
1 Harmony Medtech, Biomedical Pioneer Jinteki Identity
2 Nisei Division, The Next Generation Jinteki Identity
3 Tennin Institute, The Secrets Within Jinteki Identity
5 Near-Earth Hub, Broadcast Center NBN Identity
21 The Foundry, Refining the Process Haas-Bioroid Identity
68 Blue Sun, Powering the Future Weyland Consortium Identity
105 Industrial Genomics, Growing Solutions Jinteki Identity
1 Argus Security, Protection Guaranteed Weyland Consortium Identity
2 Gagarin Deep Space, Expanding the Horizon Weyland Consortium Identity
3 Titan Transnational, Investing In Your Future Weyland Consortium Identity
12 Jinteki Biotech, Life Imagined Jinteki Identity


Set # Name Faction Type
50 Cybernetics Division, Humanity Upgraded Haas-Bioroid Identity
92 Haarpsichord Studios, Entertainment Unleashed NBN Identity
111 Chronos Protocol, Selective Mindmapping Jinteki Identity
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