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{{card table cell|name=valencia estevez}}
{{card table cell|name=valencia estevez}}
{{card table cell|name=jinteki biotech}}
{{card table cell|name=jinteki biotech}}
{{card table cell|name=hayley kaplan}}
{{card table end}}
{{card table end}}
{{card table start}}
{{card table start}}
{{card table cell|name=hayley kaplan}}
{{card table cell|name=cybernetics division}}
{{card table cell|name=cybernetics division}}
{{card table cell|name=08063}}
{{card table cell|name=08063}}

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Set # Name Faction Type
1 Noise, Hacker Extraordinaire Anarch Identity
17 Gabriel Santiago, Consumate Professional Criminal Identity
33 Kate "Mac" McCaffrey, Digital Tinker Shaper Identity
54 Haas-Bioroid, Engineering the Future Haas-Bioroid Identity
67 Jinteki, Personal Evolution Jinteki Identity
80 NBN, Making News NBN Identity
93 Weyland Consortium, Building a Better World Weyland Consortium Identity
1 Whizzard, Master Gamer Anarch Identity
10 Haas-Bioroid, Stronger Together Haas-Bioroid Identity
31 Jinteki, Replicating Perfection Jinteki Identity
46 Chaos Theory, Wunderkind Shaper Identity
76 Weyland Consortium, Because We Built It Weyland Consortium Identity
83 Andromeda, Dispossessed Ristie Criminal Identity
114 NBN, The World is Yours* NBN Identity
1 Cerebral Imaging, Infinite Frontiers Haas-Bioroid Identity
2 Custom Biotics, Engineered for Success Haas-Bioroid Identity
3 NEXT Design, Guarding the Net Haas-Bioroid Identity
28 Rielle "Kit" Peddler, Transhuman Shaper Identity
29 The Professor, Keeper of Knowledge Shaper Identity
30 Exile, Streethawk Shaper Identity
41 Reina Roja, Freedom Fighter Anarch Identity
97 GRNDL, Power Unleashed Weyland Consortium Identity
1 Harmony Medtech, Biomedical Pioneer Jinteki Identity
2 Nisei Division, The Next Generation Jinteki Identity
3 Tennin Institute, The Secrets Within Jinteki Identity
28 Iain Stirling, Retired Spook Criminal Identity
29 Ken "Express" Tenma, Disappeared Clone Criminal Identity
30 Silhouette, Stealth Operative Criminal Identity
5 Near-Earth Hub, Broadcast Center NBN Identity
17 Nasir Meidan, Cyber Explorer Shaper Identity
21 The Foundry, Refining the Process Haas-Bioroid Identity
52 Quetzal, Free Spirit Anarch Identity
68 Blue Sun, Powering the Future Weyland Consortium Identity
95 Leela Patel, Trained Pragmatist Criminal Identity
105 Industrial Genomics, Growing Solutions Jinteki Identity
1 Argus Security, Protection Guaranteed Weyland Consortium Identity
2 Gagarin Deep Space, Expanding the Horizon Weyland Consortium Identity
3 Titan Transnational, Investing In Your Future Weyland Consortium Identity
28 Edward Kim, Humanity's Hammer Anarch Identity
29 MaxX, Maximum Punk Rock Anarch Identity
30 Valencia Estevez, The Angel of Cayambe Anarch Identity
12 Jinteki Biotech, Life Imagined Jinteki Identity
25 Hayley Kaplan, Universal Scholar Shaper Identity


Set # Name Faction Type
50 Cybernetics Division, Humanity Upgraded Haas-Bioroid Identity
63 Armand "Geist" Walker, Tech Lord Criminal Identity
92 Haarpsichord Studios, Entertainment Unleashed NBN Identity
104 Laramy Fisk, Savvy Investor Criminal Identity
111 Chronos Protocol, Selective Mindmapping Jinteki Identity
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