See also the neutral Corporation category.


Set # Name Faction Type
106 Priority Requisition Neutral Agenda
107 Private Security Force Neutral Agenda
108 Melange Mining Corp. Neutral Asset
109 PAD Campaign Neutral Asset
110 Hedge Fund Neutral Operation
111 Enigma Neutral Ice
112 Hunter Neutral Ice
113 Wall of Static Neutral Ice
20 Dracō Neutral Ice
39 Executive Retreat Neutral Agenda
40 Freelancer Neutral Operation
59 Private Contracts Neutral Asset
60 Chimera Neutral Ice
80 False Lead Neutral Agenda
100 Foxfire Neutral Operation
120 Corporate War Neutral Agenda
23 Gila Hands Arcology Neutral Agenda
24 Levy University Neutral Asset
25 Server Diagnostics Neutral Asset
26 Bastion Neutral Ice
27 Datapike Neutral Ice
19 Cyberdex Trial Neutral Operation
20 Grim Neutral Ice
39 Profiteering Neutral Agenda
40 Restructure Neutral Operation
59 Paper Wall Neutral Ice
60 Interns Neutral Operation
80 Veterans Program Neutral Agenda
100 Subliminal Messaging Neutral Operation
119 NAPD Contract Neutral Agenda
120 Quandary Neutral Ice
23 Plan B Neutral Asset
24 Guard Neutral Ice
25 Rainbow Neutral Ice
26 Diversified Portfolio Neutral Operation
27 Fast Track Neutral Operation
10 Mother Goddess Neutral Ice
11 Galahad Neutral Ice
12 Bad Times Neutral Operation
30 Eden Fragment Neutral Agenda
31 Lag Time Neutral Operation
32 Will-o'-the-Wisp Neutral Upgrade
49 Chronos Project Neutral Agenda
50 Shattered Remains Neutral Asset
51 Lancelot Neutral Ice
71 Hades Fragment Neutral Agenda
72 Docklands Crackdown Neutral Asset
90 Snatch and Grab Neutral Operation
91 Merlin Neutral Ice
92 Shell Corporation Neutral Upgrade
110 Utopia Fragment Neutral Agenda
111 Excalibur Neutral Ice
112 Self-destruct Neutral Upgrade
25 Sub Boost Neutral Operation
26 Dedicated Technician Team Neutral Upgrade
27 Cyberdex Virus Suite Neutral Upgrade
20 Tech Startup Neutral Asset
40 Breaker Bay Grid Neutral Upgrade


Set # Name Faction Type
60 Quicksand Neutral Ice
80 Underway Grid Neutral Upgrade
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