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Set # Name Faction Type
58 Archived Memories Haas-Bioroid Operation
59 Biotic Labor Haas-Bioroid Operation
60 Shipment from Mirrormorph Haas-Bioroid Operation
72 Neural EMP Jinteki Operation
73 Precognition Jinteki Operation
83 Anonymous Tip NBN Operation
84 Closed Accounts NBN Operation
85 Psychographics NBN Operation
86 SEA Source NBN Operation
97 Aggressive Negotiation Weyland Consortium Operation
98 Beanstalk Royalties Weyland Consortium Operation
99 Scorched Earth Weyland Consortium Operation
100 Shipment from Kaguya Weyland Consortium Operation
110 Hedge Fund Neutral Operation
33 Trick of Light Jinteki Operation
35 Big Brother NBN Operation
37 Power Grid Overload Weyland Consortium Operation
40 Freelancer Neutral Operation
54 Sunset Jinteki Operation
58 Commercialization Weyland Consortium Operation
70 Green Level Clearance Haas-Bioroid Operation
79 Oversight AI Weyland Consortium Operation
93 Rework Haas-Bioroid Operation
100 Foxfire Neutral Operation
116 Midseason Replacements NBN Operation
13 Bioroid Efficiency Research Haas-Bioroid Operation
14 Successful Demonstration Haas-Bioroid Operation
12 Celebrity Gift Jinteki Operation
16 Invasion of Privacy NBN Operation
19 Cyberdex Trial Neutral Operation
31 Hellion Alpha Test Haas-Bioroid Operation
34 Shipment from SanSan NBN Operation
40 Restructure Neutral Operation
52 Accelerated Diagnostics Haas-Bioroid Operation
58 Power Shutdown Weyland Consortium Operation
60 Interns Neutral Operation
76 Sweeps Week NBN Operation
79 Punitive Counterstrike Weyland Consortium Operation
90 Blue Level Clearance Haas-Bioroid Operation
94 Restoring Face Jinteki Operation
100 Subliminal Messaging Neutral Operation
111 Reclamation Order Haas-Bioroid Operation
113 Corporate Shuffle NBN Operation
118 Witness Tampering Weyland Consortium Operation
13 Cerebral Cast Jinteki Operation
14 Medical Research Fundraiser Jinteki Operation
15 Mushin No Shin Jinteki Operation
26 Diversified Portfolio Neutral Operation
27 Fast Track Neutral Operation
4 Mutate Jinteki Operation
12 Bad Times Neutral Operation
22 Enhanced Login Protocol Haas-Bioroid Operation
25 Cerebral Static Jinteki Operation
26 Targeted Marketing NBN Operation
28 Paywall Implementation Weyland Consortium Operation
31 Lag Time Neutral Operation
46 Manhunt NBN Operation
62 Peak Efficiency Haas-Bioroid Operation
70 Reuse Weyland Consortium Operation
90 Snatch and Grab Neutral Operation
107 Shoot the Moon NBN Operation
20 Housekeeping Weyland Consortium Operation
21 Patch Weyland Consortium Operation
22 Traffic Accident Weyland Consortium Operation
25 Sub Boost Neutral Operation
17 Predictive Algorithm NBN Operation
35 Recruiting Trip Jinteki Operation


Set # Name Faction Type
72 Defective Brainchips Haas-Bioroid Operation
91 An Offer You Can't Refuse Jinteki Operation