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Set # Name Faction Type
15 Ice Carver Anarch Resource
16 Wyldside Anarch Resource
29 Bank Job Criminal Resource
30 Crash Space Criminal Resource
31 Data Dealer Criminal Resource
32 Decoy Criminal Resource
47 Aesop's Pawnshop Shaper Resource
48 Sacrificial Construct Shaper Resource
52 Access to Globalsec Neutral Resource
53 Armitage Codebusting Neutral Resource
8 The Helpful AI Shaper Resource
22 Liberated Account Anarch Resource
25 Compromised Employee Criminal Resource
42 Joshua B. Anarch Resource
49 Personal Workshop Shaper Resource
50 Public Sympathy Neutral Resource
63 Scrubber Anarch Resource
67 All-nighter Shaper Resource
68 Inside Man Neutral Resource
69 Underworld Contact Neutral Resource
82 Xanadu Anarch Resource
91 Kati Jones Neutral Resource
103 Data Leak Reversal Anarch Resource
105 Mr. Li Criminal Resource
109 New Angeles City Hall Neutral Resource
49 Professional Contacts Shaper Resource
50 Borrowed Satellite Shaper Resource
51 Ice Analyzer Shaper Resource
53 Daily Casts Neutral Resource
54 Same Old Thing Neutral Resource
55 The Source Neutral Resource
8 Motivation Shaper Resource
9 John Masanori Neutral Resource
23 Hard at Work Anarch Resource
46 Grifter Criminal Resource
48 Woman in the Red Dress Shaper Resource
62 Activist Support Anarch Resource
69 Starlight Crusade Funding Neutral Resource
83 Tallie Perrault Anarch Resource
106 Fall Guy Criminal Resource
48 Security Testing Criminal Resource
49 Theophilius Bagbiter Criminal Resource
50 Tri-maf Contact Criminal Resource
54 Oracle May Neutral Resource
55 Donut Taganes Neutral Resource
16 Power Tap Criminal Resource
20 Eden Shard Neutral Resource
40 Ghost Runner Neutral Resource
54 Duggar's Anarch Resource
56 The Supplier Criminal Resource
58 Order of Sol Shaper Resource
59 Hades Shard Neutral Resource
60 Rachel Beckman Neutral Resource
75 Fester Anarch Resource
80 Angel Arena Neutral Resource
97 Zona Sul Shipping Criminal Resource
100 Utopia Shard Neutral Resource
120 Earthrise Hotel Neutral Resource
48 Human First Anarch Resource
49 Investigative Journalism Anarch Resource
50 Sacrificial Clone Anarch Resource
51 Stim Dealer Anarch Resource
52 Virus Breeding Ground Anarch Resource
55 Data Folding Neutral Resource
2 Paige Piper Anarch Resource
3 Adjusted Chronotype Anarch Resource
5 Enhanced Vision Criminal Resource
6 Gene Conditioning Shoppe Shaper Resource
7 Synthetic Blood Shaper Resource
9 Symmetrical Visage Neutral Resource
22 Off-Campus Apartment Anarch Resource
29 London Library Shaper Resource
30 Tyson Observatory Shaper Resource
31 Beach Party Neutral Resource


Set # Name Faction Type
44 Chrome Parlor Anarch Resource
62 Street Peddler Anarch Resource
68 Muertos Gang Member Criminal Resource
82 Spoilers Anarch Resource
84 Rolodex Criminal Resource
85 Fan Site Shaper Resource
86 Film Critic Shaper Resource