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Set # Name Faction Type
6 Grimoire Anarch Hardware
15 Ice Carver Anarch Resource
16 Wyldside Anarch Resource
24 Desperado Criminal Hardware
41 The Toolbox Shaper Hardware
47 Aesop's Pawnshop Shaper Resource
79 Akitaro Watanabe Jinteki Upgrade
2 Spinal Modem Anarch Hardware
8 The Helpful AI Shaper Resource
13 Ash 2X3ZB9CY Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
42 Joshua B. Anarch Resource
48 Dinosaurus Shaper Hardware
64 Doppelgänger Criminal Hardware
82 Xanadu Anarch Resource
91 Kati Jones Neutral Resource
97 Bernice Mai NBN Upgrade
99 Simone Diego Weyland Consortium Upgrade
105 Mr. Li Criminal Resource
109 New Angeles City Hall Neutral Resource
113 Midori Jinteki Upgrade
4 Director Haas' Pet Project Haas-Bioroid Agenda
8 Alix T4LB07 Haas-Bioroid Asset
10 Director Haas Haas-Bioroid Asset
12 Thomas Haas Haas-Bioroid Asset
24 Levy University Neutral Asset
36 Monolith Shaper Hardware
49 Professional Contacts Shaper Resource
55 The Source Neutral Resource
9 John Masanori Neutral Resource
15 Jackson Howard NBN Asset
22 Scheherazade Anarch Program
30 Wotan Haas-Bioroid Ice
37 Elizabeth Mills Weyland Consortium Asset
42 Deep Red Anarch Hardware
48 Woman in the Red Dress Shaper Resource
49 Raymond Flint Neutral Hardware
50 Isabel McGuire Haas-Bioroid Asset
68 Capstone Shaper Hardware
83 Tallie Perrault Anarch Resource
85 Blackguard Criminal Hardware
92 Toshiyuki Sakai Jinteki Asset
112 Broadcast Square NBN Asset
114 Caprice Nisei Jinteki Upgrade
6 Philotic Entanglement Jinteki Agenda
8 Chairman Hiro Jinteki Asset
20 Susanoo-no-Mikoto Jinteki Ice
22 Tori Hanzō Jinteki Upgrade
37 Logos Criminal Hardware
49 Theophilius Bagbiter Criminal Resource
54 Oracle May Neutral Resource
55 Donut Taganes Neutral Resource
8 The Root Weyland Consortium Asset
10 Mother Goddess Neutral Ice
20 Eden Shard Neutral Resource
30 Eden Fragment Neutral Agenda
42 Eliza's Toybox Haas-Bioroid Asset
54 Duggar's Anarch Resource
55 Box-E Criminal Hardware
56 The Supplier Criminal Resource
58 Order of Sol Shaper Resource
59 Hades Shard Neutral Resource
60 Rachel Beckman Neutral Resource
71 Hades Fragment Neutral Agenda
76 Autoscripter Criminal Hardware
79 Astrolabe Shaper Hardware
80 Angel Arena Neutral Resource
93 Ekomind Anarch Hardware
100 Utopia Shard Neutral Resource
110 Utopia Fragment Neutral Agenda
111 Excalibur Neutral Ice
120 Earthrise Hotel Neutral Resource
6 Government Takeover Weyland Consortium Agenda
9 Mark Yale Weyland Consortium Asset
11 The Board Weyland Consortium Asset
15 Orion Weyland Consortium Ice
24 The Twins Weyland Consortium Upgrade
42 Hivemind Anarch Program
45 Chop Bot 3000 Anarch Hardware
47 Vigil Anarch Hardware
48 Human First Anarch Resource
2 Paige Piper Anarch Resource
3 Adjusted Chronotype Anarch Resource
5 Enhanced Vision Criminal Resource
7 Synthetic Blood Shaper Resource
9 Symmetrical Visage Neutral Resource


Set # Name Faction Type
27 Comet Shaper Hardware
29 London Library Shaper Resource
30 Tyson Observatory Shaper Resource
47 Net-Ready Eyes Shaper Hardware
49 Brain Cage Neutral Hardware
54 Ryon Knight Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
113 Genetics Pavilion Jinteki Asset

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