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Set # Name Faction Type
65 Corporate Troubleshooter Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
66 Experiential Data Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
79 Akitaro Watanabe Jinteki Upgrade
91 Red Herrings NBN Upgrade
92 SanSan City Grid NBN Upgrade
13 Ash 2X3ZB9CY Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
36 ChiLo City Grid NBN Upgrade
38 Amazon Industrial Zone Weyland Consortium Upgrade
95 Hokusai Grid Jinteki Upgrade
97 Bernice Mai NBN Upgrade
99 Simone Diego Weyland Consortium Upgrade
111 Ruhr Valley Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
113 Midori Jinteki Upgrade
21 Awakening Center Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
22 Tyr's Hand Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
38 Off the Grid Weyland Consortium Upgrade
72 Panic Button Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
91 Strongbox Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
114 Caprice Nisei Jinteki Upgrade
21 NeoTokyo Grid Jinteki Upgrade
22 Tori Hanzō Jinteki Upgrade
7 Midway Station Grid NBN Upgrade
23 Heinlein Grid Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
32 Will-o'-the-Wisp Neutral Upgrade
44 Port Anson Grid Jinteki Upgrade
48 Crisium Grid Weyland Consortium Upgrade
92 Shell Corporation Neutral Upgrade
112 Self-destruct Neutral Upgrade
23 Satellite Grid Weyland Consortium Upgrade
24 The Twins Weyland Consortium Upgrade
26 Dedicated Technician Team Neutral Upgrade
27 Cyberdex Virus Suite Neutral Upgrade
15 Valley Grid Jinteki Upgrade
40 Breaker Bay Grid Neutral Upgrade


Set # Name Faction Type
53 Oaktown Grid Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
54 Ryon Knight Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
80 Underway Grid Neutral Upgrade
115 Product Placement NBN Upgrade
119 Expo Grid Weyland Consortium Upgrade