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Set # Name Faction Type
1 Harmony Medtech, Biomedical Pioneer Jinteki Identity
2 Nisei Division, The Next Generation Jinteki Identity
3 Tennin Institute, The Secrets Within Jinteki Identity
4 House of Knives Jinteki Agenda
5 Medical Breakthrough Jinteki Agenda
6 Philotic Entanglement Jinteki Agenda
7 The Future Perfect Jinteki Agenda
8 Chairman Hiro Jinteki Asset
9 Mental Health Clinic Jinteki Asset
10 Psychic Field Jinteki Asset
11 Shi.Kyū Jinteki Asset
12 Tenma Line Jinteki Asset
13 Cerebral Cast Jinteki Operation
14 Medical Research Fundraiser Jinteki Operation
15 Mushin No Shin Jinteki Operation
16 Inazuma Jinteki Ice
17 Komainu Jinteki Ice
18 Pup Jinteki Ice
19 Shiro Jinteki Ice
20 Susanoo-no-Mikoto Jinteki Ice
21 NeoTokyo Grid Jinteki Upgrade
22 Tori Hanzō Jinteki Upgrade
23 Plan B Neutral Asset
24 Guard Neutral Ice
25 Rainbow Neutral Ice
26 Diversified Portfolio Neutral Operation
27 Fast Track Neutral Operation
28 Iain Stirling, Retired Spook Criminal Identity
29 Ken "Express" Tenma, Disappeared Clone Criminal Identity
30 Silhouette, Stealth Operative Criminal Identity
31 Calling in Favors Criminal Event
32 Early Bird Criminal Event
33 Express Delivery Criminal Event
34 Feint Criminal Event
35 Legwork Criminal Event
36 Planned Assault Criminal Event
37 Logos Criminal Hardware
38 Public Terminal Criminal Hardware
39 Unregistered S&W '35 Criminal Hardware
40 Window Criminal Hardware
41 Alias Criminal Program
42 Breach Criminal Program
43 Bug Criminal Program
44 Gingerbread Criminal Program
45 Grappling Hook Criminal Program
46 Passport Criminal Program
47 Push Your Luck Criminal Event
48 Security Testing Criminal Resource
49 Theophilius Bagbiter Criminal Resource
50 Tri-maf Contact Criminal Resource
51 Mass Install Neutral Event
52 Q-Coherence Chip Neutral Hardware
53 Overmind Neutral Program
54 Oracle May Neutral Resource
55 Donut Taganes Neutral Resource
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