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Set # Name Faction Type
1 Domestic Sleepers Haas-Bioroid Agenda
2 NEXT Silver Haas-Bioroid Ice
3 Lotus Field Jinteki Ice
4 Mutate Jinteki Operation
5 Near-Earth Hub, Broadcast Center NBN Identity
6 Primary Transmission Dish NBN Asset
7 Midway Station Grid NBN Upgrade
8 The Root Weyland Consortium Asset
9 Taurus Weyland Consortium Ice
10 Mother Goddess Neutral Ice
11 Galahad Neutral Ice
12 Bad Times Neutral Operation
13 Cyber Threat Anarch Event
14 Lamprey Anarch Program
15 Paper Tripping Criminal Event
16 Power Tap Criminal Resource
17 Nasir Meidan, Cyber Explorer Shaper Identity
18 Social Engineering Shaper Event
19 Leprechaun Shaper Program
20 Eden Shard Neutral Resource
21 The Foundry, Refining the Process Haas-Bioroid Identity
22 Enhanced Login Protocol Haas-Bioroid Operation
23 Heinlein Grid Haas-Bioroid Upgrade
24 Encrypted Portals Jinteki Agenda
25 Cerebral Static Jinteki Operation
26 Targeted Marketing NBN Operation
27 Information Overload NBN Ice
28 Paywall Implementation Weyland Consortium Operation
29 Sealed Vault Weyland Consortium Asset
30 Eden Fragment Neutral Agenda
31 Lag Time Neutral Operation
32 Will-o'-the-Wisp Neutral Upgrade
33 D4v1d Anarch Program
34 Scrubbed Anarch Event
35 Three Steps Ahead Criminal Event
36 Unscheduled Maintenance Criminal Event
37 Cache Criminal Program
38 Net Celebrity Shaper Event
39 LLDS Energy Regulator Shaper Program
40 Ghost Runner Neutral Resource
41 IQ Haas-Bioroid Ice
42 Eliza's Toybox Haas-Bioroid Asset
43 Kitsune Jinteki Ice
44 Port Anson Grid Jinteki Upgrade
45 The News Now Hour NBN Asset
46 Manhunt NBN Operation
47 Wendigo Weyland Consortium Ice
48 Crisium Grid Weyland Consortium Upgrade
49 Chronos Project Neutral Agenda
50 Shattered Remains Neutral Asset
51 Lancelot Neutral Ice
52 Quetzal, Free Spirit Anarch Identity
53 BlacKat Anarch Program
54 Duggar's Anarch Resource
55 Box-E Criminal Hardware
56 The Supplier Criminal Resource
57 Refractor Shaper Program
58 Order of Sol Shaper Resource
59 Hades Shard Neutral Resource
60 Rachel Beckman Neutral Resource
61 Architect Haas-Bioroid Ice
62 Peak Efficiency Haas-Bioroid Operation
63 Labyrinthine Servers Jinteki Agenda
64 Ashigaru Jinteki Ice
65 Mamba Jinteki Ice
66 Reversed Accounts NBN Asset
67 Universal Connectivity Fee NBN Ice
68 Blue Sun, Powering the Future Weyland Consortium Identity
69 Changeling Weyland Consortium Ice
70 Reuse Weyland Consortium Operation
71 Hades Fragment Neutral Agenda
72 Docklands Crackdown Neutral Asset
73 Inject Anarch Event
74 Origami Anarch Program
75 Fester Anarch Resource
76 Autoscripter Criminal Hardware
77 Switchblade Criminal Program
78 Trade-In Shaper Event
79 Astrolabe Shaper Hardware
80 Angel Arena Neutral Resource
81 Bifrost Array Haas-Bioroid Agenda
82 Sagittarius Haas-Bioroid Ice
83 Hostile Infrastructure Jinteki Asset
84 Gemini Jinteki Ice
85 License Acquisition NBN Agenda
86 Daily Business Show NBN Asset
87 Superior Cyberwalls Weyland Consortium Agenda
88 Executive Boot Camp Weyland Consortium Asset
89 Lycan Weyland Consortium Ice
90 Snatch and Grab Neutral Operation
91 Merlin Neutral Ice
92 Shell Corporation Neutral Upgrade
93 Ekomind Anarch Hardware
94 Cerberus "Cuj.0" H3 Anarch Program
95 Leela Patel, Trained Pragmatist Criminal Identity
96 Cerberus "Rex" H2 Criminal Program
97 Zona Sul Shipping Criminal Resource
98 Cybsoft MacroDrive Shaper Hardware
99 Cerberus "Lady" H1 Shaper Program
100 Utopia Shard Neutral Resource
101 Helium-3 Deposit Weyland Consortium Agenda
102 Errand Boy Weyland Consortium Ice
103 IT Department Haas-Bioroid Asset
104 Markus 1.0 Haas-Bioroid Ice
105 Industrial Genomics, Growing Solutions Jinteki Identity
106 Turtlebacks Jinteki Asset
107 Shoot the Moon NBN Operation
108 Troll NBN Ice
109 Virgo NBN Ice
110 Utopia Fragment Neutral Agenda
111 Excalibur Neutral Ice
112 Self-destruct Neutral Upgrade
113 Incubator Anarch Program
114 Ixodidae Anarch Program
115 Code Siphon Shaper Event
116 Collective Consciousness Shaper Program
117 Sage Shaper Program
118 Bribery Criminal Event
119 Au Revoir Criminal Program
120 Earthrise Hotel Neutral Resource
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