The strength of Lotus Field cannot be lowered.

SubroutineEnd the run.
"Chi resonance mapping has created a whole new field of network security. It is unassailable perfection." -Akitaro Watanabe

Lotus Field is the first and only ice introduced that cannot have its strength lowered. This makes it useful against Parasite recursion decks, as it cannot be trashed if it cannot have its strength lowered. It is also just outside of Yog.0's strength, requiring Yog.0 players to use an icebreaker strength boosting method rather than an ice strength lowering method (such as The Personal Touch or Net-Ready Eyes).

At PAX Prime in 2015, Lotus Field was revealed to be the first extended art promotional card for Android: Netrunner, featuring the original art in the full-bleed card frame rather than an alternate art.

Related RulingsEdit

  • Lotus Field does not permanently retain any temporary strength boosts.[1]:Ruling


  1. Lotus Field and Increasing Strength Ruling
    If Lotus Field's strength is increased from 4 to 5 from Experiential Data, does it remain at strength 5 even if Experiential Data is trashed?
    Lotus field does not retain strength from abilities which are no longer active.
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