This is the eleventh in a series of unofficial FAQs released with each new data pack. Below are rulings from the ANCUR staff regarding some of the cards in Martial Law, as approved by the lead designer Michael Boggs.

On the LamEdit

1. Does using On the Lam's ability trigger Wasteland?

Ancurprofile No. On the Lam is a condition counter and no longer considered a card while hosted on the resource.

2. Can the Runner install On the Lam from a Street Peddler?

Ancurprofile No. On the Lam's ability causes it to be installed as a hosted condition counter. As an event, it cannot ever be installed.

Cold ReadEdit

3. Can the Runner trash a Cloak if they spend the credit from Cloak during the run initiated by Cold Read?

Ancurprofile Yes. Spending recurring credits from a card is considered using that card, so trashing Cloak for Cold Read is allowed.


4. If Reaver is the first card trashed during a turn, does the Runner draw a card?

Ancurprofile No. Reaver must be active when the card is trashed in order to trigger.

Manta GridEdit

5. If the Runner would gain enough credits to have more than 6Cr when the run ends (e.g. through a run initiated by Dirty Laundry or High Stakes Job), does Manta Grid still trigger?

Ancurprofile The credit amount requirement for Manta Grid’s ability is a part of the trigger condition, so the number of credits the Runner has when the run ends is the amount that is checked. Any changes in credit amount due to other triggered abilities will not stop Manta Grid from triggering.

6. If the Runner trashes Manta Grid after the run in which it triggers (e.g. with Political Operative or on another run), does the Corp still get an additional click on their next turn?

Ancurprofile Yes. Once an ability is triggered, it exists independently of its source.

Mind GameEdit

7. If there is ice protecting the server chosen for Mind Game, can the Runner jack out before encountering the outermost piece of ice on that server, or must they encounter it first?

Ancurprofile The Runner can jack out before encountering ice on the new server, as long as they add 1 installed card to the bottom of the stack. The choice to jack out from a run is during the approach to a piece of ice, and the restriction from jacking out on a run only applies to the first piece of ice approached during a run, not the outermost ice of any server.

8. What happens if Wormhole’s subroutine resolves Mind Game’s?

Ancurprofile The psi-game occurs, but if you spent a different number of credits the Runner will continue their run passing Wormhole and the Runner will incur the additional cost to jack out for the remainder of the run. The Runner’s position does not otherwise change because Mind Game’s position-changing effect replaces “passing Mind Game”.

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