Mass Install installs all three programs at the same time. If Djinn is one of the programs chosen for Mass Install's effect, then the other programs cannot be hosted on it. If you install Overmind as one of the Mass Install programs, it will receive power counters based on the remaining MU after all three programs are installed.


There has been some doubt as to how Mass Install works in terms of whether the installs are sequential or simultaneous. Some have speculated that the installs should be simultaneous in order to be consistent with rulings on other abilities with simultaneous effects (such as Account Siphon), while others are of the opinion that the installs are sequential. This matters for two different scenarios:

1. I attempt to install a program that hosts other programs (Djinn, Scheherazade, etc.) with my first install, and with the other two installs, I host cards on the first program. If the installs are sequential, there is no problem here, but if they are simultaneous, it could be argued that the first program is not yet active and thus unable to host other programs until the Mass Install is fully resolved.

2. I attempt to install three Overminds, each which depend on the amount of MU taken up. If these are installed sequentially, then the first Overmind should realistically have 1 more power token than the second, and the second would have 1 more than the third. However, if they are simultaneous, then in theory they would all have the same amount, which would be 1 each (since they collectively take up 3 MU), if I have nothing to boost my MU.

So I am curious as to what is the correct way to play this card. Are the installs simultaneous or sequential?


Tybb-sly 1. All of the programs are installed simultaneously, so you cannot put the programs on Djinn et al.

2. Each Overmind takes up an MU, so they each have two fewer power counters than they would by just installing one.


Posted to Board Game Geek by koko klein on June 12, 2014

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