Agendas in the Runner's Score Area are not active, so it is possible to add multiple copies of an executive asset to his/her score area.


What happens as the runner if I trash either Chairman Hiro or Director Haas when accessing them and I already have one copy of it in my Runner's Score Area (RSA)? Is it:

A) I can only have one active unique card in my RSA and thus I trash my first scored Chairman Hiro or Director Haas and do not gain more than 2 AP.

B) Cards in the RSA are not active and thus I can have two Chairman Hiros or Director Haas and I will have 4 AP in my RSA.

C) When I access and trash Chairman Hiro or Director Haas the cards become agendas and are no longer unique assets with a name.

D) Something I have not thought of.


Tybb-sly The answer is B, because the cards are not active while in the Runner’s score area.


This clarifies the discrepancy in the rulebook that agendas are active in both the Runner's and the Corporation's score area.


Posted to Board Game Geek by Bryan Blumklotz on July 3, 2014

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