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The Mumbad Cycle is the fifth cycle of Android: Netrunner expansions, being released in 2016 after Data and Destiny, the fourth Deluxe Expansion.

Thematically, the Mumbad cycle explores another place, this time the sprawling Mumbad metropolis in India. The city is currently holding an election where a key issue is clone rights - are they property or people?

The Mumbad cycle also introduces a pair of new mechanics that alter deck building rules.

Runners get consumer-grade hardware and some event cards that have a special deck limit of 6 copies (6 copies are included of each card in their data pack). These cards all have cumulative power growth as you install or play more copies of them in a game.

Corporations get alliance cards, each of which have a special condition that when met reduces their influence cost to zero.

Flavor Text Edit

"The Eyes of the World are Upon You..." As national elections loom in the Indian Union, debate rages over granting clones full citizenship. A shadow war begins, and Jinteki will stop at nothing to make sure their most lucrative product remains just that: a product. With this cycle you can explore the largest megalopolis in India, and expand your decks in novel ways with new consumer grade hardware and corporate alliances.

List of Data PacksEdit

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