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The NAPD Most Wanted List (often shortened to NAPDMWL, MWL, or just MW) is a form of restricted list for Android: Netrunner introduced with Tournament Rules version 3.0.2. A restricted list is a common method employed by collectible card games to influence the competitive meta by placing limitations on certain cards.

UPDATE 10/1/2017: The list now contains a banned card list and restrictive card list. Cards on the banned list are removed from the game and not played. Cards on the restrictive list can not have another (ie different) card on the restrictive list in the same deck. You can still use 3 of those cards in your deck and it doesn't cost any extra influence (besides the influence already printed on the card).

The old system of The Most Wanted List worked by changing the way certain cards behave in the already existing influence system. If a player includes any of the cards on the Most Wanted List in their deck, then the influence limit of their identity is lowered accordingly. Each copy of a Most Wanted card reduces the identity's influence limit by 1. This reduction in influence limit occurs even if the included Most Wanted card matches the identity's faction.

Example 1: A Kate "Mac" McCaffrey deck includes three copies of Clone Chip and two copies of Cerberus "Lady" H1. Kate's deck has a total of five cards from the Most Wanted List, so her influence limit is reduced from her standard 15 to 10, which can be spent on out-of-faction cards as normal.

If Kate then chooses to put two copies of Parasite in her deck, her influence limit will be reduced by an additional 2 down to 8. The Parasites thus take up 4 of Kate's 8 available influence.

The inclusion of cards on the Most Wanted List in a deck cannot reduce the influence limit of an identity below 1.

Example 2: The Professor normally has 1 influence to spend on non-Shaper cards. No matter how many cards from the Most Wanted List he includes in his deck, his influence limit will always stay at 1. Thus, The Professor could have in his deck any number of copies of Lady, Clone Chip, and Prepaid VoicePAD without losing his single influence. The first copy of each out-of-faction program does not count against this 1 influence, so The Professor can even include two copies of Yog.0 in his deck, even though Yog.0 is on the Most Wanted List and would normally cost influence.

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