Nasir Meidan gains credits from encountering a piece of ice as long as it was rezzed at or after step 2 of the run for that piece of ice.


I'm wondering what constitutes "just rezzed" on Nasir Meidan. For example, if Nasir Meidan makes a run with a Snitch, Blackguard, and a Raymond Flint installed, we get a handful of possibilities:

a) He could expose the ice when Snitch triggers at step 2 of the approach phase.

b) He could expose the ice by trashing Raymond Flint at 2.1 of the approach phase.

c) If the corp declines to rez normally, he could expose the ice by trashing Raymond Flint at 2.3 of the approach phase.

d) With Raymond Flint, he could expose the *next* piece of ice, which he is not currently approaching, during 3.1 of an earlier encounter.

In all of these cases, Blackguard could force the corp to rez out of the "normal" sequence. Would any of these count as "just rezzed" to trigger Nasir Meidan's ID ability?

For whatever it's worth, my sense is that d) seems like an obvious no, and c) seems like an obvious yes. But the other two seem open to interpretation, as I can't find anything in the rules/FAQ that references something like Nasir Meidan's ability.


Tybb-sly “Just rezzed” refers to anything that has happened at 2 onward.

a. Works.

b. Works.

c. Works.

d. Doesn’t work.


Posted to Board Game Geek by Sean Trundle on August 2, 2014

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