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Whenever you encounter a piece of ice that was just rezzed, lose all credits in your credit pool. Gain credits equal to the rez cost of that ice.

Related Rulings[]

  • As long as the ice is rezzed anytime from Step 2 and on, Nasir's ability triggers.[1]:Ruling
  • Nasir's ability does not cause the Runner to lose any available recurring credits.[2]:Ruling
  • Nasir's ability causes the Runner to lose any gained bad publicity credits.[3]:Ruling
  • Nasir gains credits equal to whatever the rez cost of the ice encountered is at the time that his ability resolves.[4]:Ruling


  1. Nasir Forced Rez Timing Ruling
    I'm wondering what constitutes "just rezzed" on Nasir Meidan. For example, if Nasir Meidan makes a run with a Snitch, Blackguard, and a Raymond Flint installed, we get a handful of possibilities:

    a) He could expose the ice when Snitch triggers at step 2 of the approach phase.

    b) He could expose the ice by trashing Raymond Flint at 2.1 of the approach phase.

    c) If the corp declines to rez normally, he could expose the ice by trashing Raymond Flint at 2.3 of the approach phase.

    d) With Raymond Flint, he could expose the *next* piece of ice, which he is not currently approaching, during 3.1 of an earlier encounter.
    “Just rezzed” refers to anything that has happened at 2 onward.

    a. Works.

    b. Works.

    c. Works.

    d. Doesn’t work.
  2. Recurring Credits not in Credit Pool Ruling
    Do recurring credits count as credits? Do they count as being in the credit pool?

    Example 1. Are the Recurring credits on Making News credits that can be lost to an Account Siphon or Vamp?

    Example 2. Would recurring credits on a Cyberfeeder or Lockpick be lost when Nasir Meidan encounters an ICE that has just been rezzed?

    Recurring credits do not count as being in the credit pool and cannot be lost like credits in your credit pool.
  3. Nasir and Bad Publicity
    With the Nasir Meidan identity, are bad publicity credits lost when encountering a newly rezzed ice?
    Yes, bad publicity credits are lost due to Nasir’s ability.
  4. Nasir Check Timing Ruling
    Say I have Deep Red and am playing Nasir. Corp Rezes, I CMC a Rook, trigger to host on newly rezzed card. Does Nasir get +2 cash?
    Yeah that works. Rez cost is whatever the current value is.