Whenever you make a successful run on HQ, place 1 virus counter on Nerve Agent.

Each virus counter after the first on Nerve Agent allows you to access one additional card from HQ whenever you access cards from HQ.


Page 6, Column 2, Paragraph(s) 1, FAQ
Before accessing cards from HQ at step 4.5 of a run, the Runner chooses how many cards he wants to access when using Nerve Agent.

Related RulingsEdit

  • If the Runner accesses a card from Kitsune's subroutine resolving, additional accesses from Nerve Agent are random.[1]:Ruling
  • Wendigo's subroutine does not stop Nerve Agent from gaining counters, but it stops the Runner from using those counters to access additional cards from HQ.[2]:Ruling


  1. Kitsune & Accessing Additional Cards from HQ Ruling
    When the subroutine from Kitsune fires and I have a HQ Interface on the table, am I required to access the additional card? It seems to me that the Corp would select the second card as well, rather than choosing randomly. Is that correct?
    Thanks for the question. You would access extra random cards from HQ with Nerve Agent or HQ Interface; those cards only care that you are accessing a card from HQ, not how or whether it was chosen.
  2. Wendigo v. Viruses Ruling
    Would Wendigo prevent Datasucker or Medium from gaining virus counters? Would it stop Meidum's multi-access?
    Doesn't prevent Datasuckers etc. from getting counters, but they can't be used.
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