Net Police counts Link, not cards with the subtype link.


1. Net Police states "XRecurringCredit Use these credits during traces. X is the number of links the runner has." Is "links" counting cards of type link or [link] as in +1Link?

2. The Toolbox provides +2 Link but it is not a card of type link. Does The Toolbox count for Net Police?

3. Compromised Employee provides no Link but it is of type link. Does Compromised Employee count for Net Police?


Tybb-sly "Links" refer to the actual number of links the Runner has (Link), and not the subtype "link". If Net Police referred to the subtype "link" the "link" would be in bold. So Toolbox gives Net Police 2 credits, and Compromised Employee gives Net Police nothing.


Posted to BGG by DrTall on Apr 7 2013

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