This ruling was made official in FAQ 1.5. See Tori Hanzō.

A series of questions asked regarding how Net Shield works to prevent Tori Hanzō's ability.

Captain Frisk's Question[1]Edit

If the runner has Net Shield installed and is about to take damage from Data Mine, can the corporation use Tori Hanzō to shift the damage to Brain before Net Shield can prevent the damage?

If the answer is that Net Shield can prevent the damage - is this it because of runner priority?

If the damage source was House of Knives instead - would it matter?


Tybb-sly This is a topic that will be addressed in the next FAQ. For the time being, treat them as simultaneous effects (thus, during a run, the Runner has priority and can prevent the damage first).

DrTall's Question[2]Edit

Suppose the Corp uses Tori Hanzō to replace the first net damage of the turn with a brain damage.

If I then go on to take a net damage later that turn, can I use Net Shield to prevent it? That is, does the Tori Hanzō replacement effect cause the game to forget about the first net damage?


Tybb-sly The game does not forget about the net damage, even though it was turned into brain damage. The Net Shield could not be used.


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