The first time you have no credits in your credit pool each turn, gain 1Credit.
There have been several attempts to create a "world church," uniting all human faiths into a single, harmonious whole. The irony, of course, is that each new "world church" is another schism in humanity's shared religious experience.

Order of Sol is a Shaper resource that helps you recoup credits. Once per turn it gives you a a free credit if you ever have an empty credit pool. It is a common card for Nasir Meidan to use as it helps him extend his credits into ice encounters or spend an extra credit on a paid ability credit-dump like Personal Workshop during approach.

Triggered Ability - Conditional
Trigger Effect
The first time the Runner has 0Credit in his/her credit pool The Runner gains 1Credit

Related RulingsEdit

  • Order of Sol can trigger during the resolution of other card abilities, such as playing Sure Gamble with 5Credit or using Self-modifying Code with 2Credit.[1]:Ruling
  • If installing Order of Sol brings the Runner to 0Credit for the first time that turn, the Runner immediately gains 1Credit.[2]:Ruling
  • The Runner cannot use Order of Sol to pay some of the cost to steal NAPD Contract, gain 1Credit, and then pay the rest of the cost.[3]:Ruling


  1. Order of Sol Triggering Mid-Resolution Ruling
    Can Order of Sol trigger in the middle of an event? An example would be if the runner had five credits and played Sure Gamble. To play the event the runner spends all of his five credits (dropping to zero) and then gains nine credits. If the runner had Order of Sol installed would he gain nine or ten credits?
    Yes, the Order of Sol would resolve and give the Runner the tenth (really the ‘first’) credit.
  2. Order of Sol Triggering on Install Ruling
    If the runner has exactly 2 credits, and hasn't been at 0 credits during the current turn and installs Order of Sol, does it immediately trigger and give the runner a credit? Is there a distinction between 'going to' 0 credits and 'having' 0 credits and when the latter stops being the "first time" for game purposes?
    You would get the credit, since this is the first time you are at 0 credits for the turn. “Have” does imply an ongoing state (you remain in that state as long as you have 0 credits), so you could draw a distinction between “going to” as a one-time event.
  3. All Costs Must Be Paid Simultaneously Ruling
    If Order of Sol triggers mid-Sure Gamble, can I use it to steal an NAPD with only 3c in my current pool on access?
    No. You must pay all of the cost at once or not at all.
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