If installing Order of Sol brings the Runner to 0 credits for the first time that turn, it triggers immediately to give the Runner 1Credit.


If the runner has exactly 2 credits, and hasn't been at 0 credits during the current turn and installs Order of Sol, does it immediately trigger and give the runner a credit?

Is there a distinction between 'going to' 0 credits and 'having' 0 credits and when the latter stops being the "first time" for game purposes?


Tybb-sly You would get the credit, since this is the first time you are at 0 credits for the turn. “Have” does imply an ongoing state (you remain in that state as long as you have 0 credits), so you could draw a distinction between “going to” as a one-time event.


Posted to BoardGameGeek by caveslime on October 29, 2014

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