Organized play is the act of playing Android: Netrunner competitively, often in tournaments for prizes. Fantasy Flight's Organized Play department puts out several products a year to facilitate organized play in the form of prize kits. These prizes can be ordered by retail stores and then used to host game nights, leagues, tournaments, and other types of events. In addition, the Organized Play department runs several tournaments throughout the year themselves, most notably the North American Championship (hosted at GenCon) and the World Championship (hosted at Fantasy Flight's Game Center).

There are several tiers of organized play, as outlined in the Tournament Rules.


Casual organized play includes game nights, leagues, local tournaments, and other Android: Netrunner related events.


Competitive organized play is the first step to premier organized. It includes Store Championship events, which lead into the Regional Championships. Other Fantasy Flight sanctioned events like the Plugged-in Tour are also part of competitive play.


Premier organized play is the highest level of competition. At this level, all participants are expected to know the latest rules and rulings, which are to be understood and enforced by the event organizers. Regional Championships are the first step of premier play, which leads into National Championships, and finally into the World Championship.

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