There has been some confusion regarding the Timing Priority, particularly with the following sentence from the rules and with the example case:

"After both players have had at least one opportunity to act and a player declines to act, ..."


Player A is in turn and there is a window to play paid abilities. Player A declines to act. Player B activates some paid abilities. Now, does player A get to act again?

In other (and more confusing) words, has the condition of the quoted rules text been met, because player A declined to act ("a player declines to act") and both players "have had at least one opportunity to act", or does "a player declines to act" have to happen after "both players have had at least one opportunity to act"?


Tybb-sly Player A will have another opportunity to act, since player B triggered some abilities. The 'window' only closes after a player declines to act (does nothing), unless it is player A declining to act at his first opportunity.
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