Install only in the root of HQ.

1Credit.png: Draw 1 card. Use this ability only during a run on HQ.
The button didn't seem to do anything. So he pushed it again. And again. And again.

Related Rulings

  • Panic Button can be used to add subroutines to a currently encountered Ashigaru, but broken and unbroken subroutines are tracked as a running total as they are added and removed from the ice.[1]:Ruling


  1. Breaking Subroutines on NEXT Silver, Ashigaru Rulings, Question 3
    As before, the runner encounters Ashigaru with 4 subroutines, breaks 3 with Grappling Hook, then uses Utopia Shard to subtract 2 subroutines. If the corp then draws 1 card with Panic Button, so that Ashigaru has 3 subroutines, will the third subroutine be broken or unbroken?
    You broke 3 subroutines, so the third subroutine is still broken.
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