The Runner passes a piece of ice whenever the approach or encounter with that ice ends and the run continues to the next step without the run having been ended. When the Runner passes a piece of ice, all other ice before it is also considered to have been passed, even for those pieces of ice the Runner did not individually pass.[1]:Ruling



  1. "Pass" v. "Having Passed" Ruling
    Suppose the Corp has a rezzed Caprice Nisei in a remote with multiple ICE. For example:

    Caprice Nisei < Ice Wall < Hive (unrezzed)

    If the runner passes an Ice Wall on R&D and then Copycats in to the Ice wall in the above remote:

    Q1: Would Caprice Nisei's effect trigger?

    Q2: Would the runner be able to fire False Echo targeting Hive?
    A1. Yes. By passing a piece of ice, you are considered to have previously passed all of the other ice outside of that one, even if you did not encounter them.

    A2. You cannot use False Echo against the Hive. While you have passed the Hive, the action of passing it never actually occurred, and so False Echo is not able to trigger.

    These might seem like contradictions, but there is a difference between the state of having passed ice, and the action of passing them.
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