Android Netrunner Comprehensive Unofficial Rules Wiki

Page 8, Column 2, Paragraphs 8-11

  • The Runner may use the first ability on Personal Workshop to host a program or a piece of hardware on it. Cards hosted by this ability are not installed, and therefore are inactive.
  • The Runner can pay to remove a power counter from a card hosted on Personal Workshop as a paid ability. A program installed from Personal Workshop follows all the normal install rules; you must trash already installed programs to make room for the new one, if necessary.
  • When there are no power counters on a program or a piece of hardware that has a play restriction on it that cannot be met (such as a Parasite with no rezzed ice to be hosted on or a console when there is already a console installed), that program or piece of hardware is trashed instead of being installed.
  • If Personal Workshop is uninstalled, all cards hosted on it are trashed and all counters on those cards are removed.