If Grimoire is installed when Pheromones is installed, Pheromones gets a virus counter placed on it but not a credit. Credits from recurring credit abilities are placed on cards as part of the install action immediately when the card becomes active, but Grimoire's ability triggers after the Pheromones is installed.

Question[edit | edit source]

As a Runner, if I have Grimoire installed and then proceed to install Pheromones, will Pheromones start with 1 recurring credit that can be used immediately?

Grimoire says: "Whenever you install a virus program, place 1 virus counter on that program." The rules for recurring credits say: "Recurring credits are placed on a card when the card becomes active, and can be used immediately." These seem like they might be simultaneous effects, but I'm not sure if becoming active and being installed happen at the exact same time.

Are these simultaneous, allowing me to place the Grimoire counter before the recurring credits are placed, thus allowing me to have 1 recurring credit on Pheromones to spend immediately?

Answer[edit | edit source]

Tybb-sly.png A card becomes active immediately when it is installed, so by the time you place the virus counter on the Pheromones, it is too late to get the recurring credit. The card has to be installed before you can trigger an ability off of it being installed.

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Posted to BoardGameGeek by Jack Keys on May 10, 2013

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